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Most Common Women’s Health Medications

What are the Common Female Health Concerns? 

Men and women have varying health needs. Women’s biological makeup can predominantly affect their predisposition towards certain health concerns. There are health issues that can impact women more commonly or in a different way. 

Since most health concerns are preventable, it is best to be aware of the medical conditions that commonly affect women. Being mindful of your health condition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle cannot only prevent illnesses, but it can also help women feel better about themselves. 

Here are some of the common health concerns that can greatly affect women’s health: 

  • Heart disease 

This is regarded as the leading cause of death among women. Most women do not recognize the signs of heart disease, for they usually dismiss them as just heartburn or merely due to working too much.  

  • Cancers 

Among the common types of cancers that are exclusive to women are breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and cervical cancer. Breast cancer is considered the most aggressive cancer that can affect all women around the world. Ovarian and cervical cancers are also very complex. However, the good news is cervical cancer can be prevented through a vaccine. 

  • Osteoporosis 

This is a form of the bone condition that causes it to weaken, making it at risk for fractures. This is particularly common for women who are in post-menopause. Smoking and excessive drinking can further elevate the risk of developing bone loss.  

  • Diabetes 

Evidently, diabetes is not a concern that is only exclusive to women. However, women with diabetes are more prone to complications, such as kidney problems, nerve problems, and blindness. Pregnant women may also develop gestational diabetes. 

  • Maternal health issues 

During pregnancy, it is very important for women to stay healthy and receive appropriate prenatal care. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2017, approximately 810 women worldwide died every day due to preventable causes associated with pregnancy and childbirth. 

  • Mental health issues 

Mental health conditions can greatly affect a woman’s overall health. Based on statistics, women are two times more likely to develop depression compared to men. Women are also twice likely to have anxiety disorders and are more prone to eating disorders. 

Frequent visits to the doctor can help women prevent or manage all their health concerns. Developing a healthy lifestyle is also equally important. 

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