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Medical Conditions and Treatment

A medical condition is a disease or injury that affects the body. Examples of medical conditions are diabetes and cancer. Health conditions can also be caused by external factors such as smoking cigarettes. Some people also suffer from mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. Underlying medical condition is a major cause of disability in the world. It affects people of all ages and backgrounds, but it is more prevalent in some groups than others.

List of Medical Conditions

The list below shows a few of the most common medical conditions.

The Facts About Cutting Your Pills

As the cost of pharmaceuticals continues to rise, taking advantage of the way drugs are manufactured and priced can save you considerable amounts of money. Most of the cost of pharmaceuticals is wrapped up in research and marketing, not manufacturing. Many drugs are priced the same regardless of the dose because drug manufacturers don’t want cost to be a determining factor when doctor’s are deciding how much of a drug to prescribe. Therefore, a patient can order the larger pill that contains double the dose, split a pill in half and save up to 50%. You might wonder if cutting pills is safe. DoctorSolve answers some of the most frequently asked questions regarding pill cutting. Learn about pill cutting here.

DoctorSolve Blog

The DoctorSolve Blog is a collection of articles relating to the most important stories in the Health and Pharmaceutical community. The DoctorSolve blog offers readers impartial advice on current health issues. View the DoctorSolve Blog here.

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