Frequently Asked Questions

DoctorSolve operates from Monday to Friday from 6:00am to 8:00pm PST and on the weekends from 7:00am to 5:00pm PST
Yes, a valid prescription is required from a licensed physician who is able to practice and prescribe medicine in the United States. If you have faxed or emailed us a copy of the prescription, we will require the original prescription to be mailed to us.
The pharmacy can only supply as much medication as your physician prescribes for you, according to the directions, and up to maximum of a three months at a time.
When your doctor is filling your prescription, ask for a 3 month prescription with 3 refills, which would be valid for a year’s worth of medication.
It is illegal in the United States to ship narcotics or controlled substances, so certain drugs will not appear in your searches. There are also some generic medications that are not listed because some brand name drugs do not have a generic alternative or are ineligible for purchase within certain states . We only list generic drugs that would result in substantial savings for you.
At this time, we cannot accept an insurance claim from another country. However, a detailed list of purchases will be provided so you can make a direct claim from your insurer.
We want to make sure all orders are filled with due diligence. The information helps us understand your unique medical situation in the interest of your safety. Similar to your local pharmacies, our pharmacists and physicians use the information you provide to determine if there are potential drug interactions. If necessary, our Customer Care Specialists may contact your physician for further clarification.
The prices may change due to manufacturer price changes and changes in market or exchange rates.
When you place your first order, an account is created. Information about your order can be found when you log into your account. Please contact DoctorSolve at our toll-free number +1-866-732-0305 if you would like help navigating your account.
No, once your account is created, all you have to do is give us a call at +1-866-732-0305 to place a refill order or place a refill request from DoctorSolve website.
Generic drugs are identical to brand name drugs in active ingredients, the specific chemical ingredients that makes the drugs work. These drugs are equivalent in strength and dosage to the original brand name product and work the same way in the body. Generic drugs may differ in shape, size, color, flavor or binding ingredients. Often, generic drugs offer discounts over brand name drugs because the generic manufacturers would not need to incur the research and development costs associated with creating the drug.
Absolutely. Both brand-name and generic drug facilities meet the same standards of good manufacturing practices. In fact, an estimated 50% of generic drug production comes from brand-name companies. These companies frequently make generic equivalents of their own or other brand-name prescription drugs once the original patent has expired.
If the reactions are severe, please contact your local emergency service provider. Our helpline would be happy to assist you with any medication-related issues at our toll-free number +1-866-732-0305.
No, not every brand-name drug has a generic equivalent. Currently, only about half the drugs on the market are available in generic form. When drugs are first developed, they are protected by drug patents. Drug patents, which usually last for 20 years, allow drug companies to recuperate their development costs. When that patent expires, other drug companies can sell a generic version when it receives FDA approval.
The Canadian government limits the amount which pharmaceutical manufacturers can charge for brand-name drugs once they are approved, and then limits subsequent price increases. Overseas pharmacy dispensaries for certain generic drugs can offer even more significant savings than Canadian dispensaries, depending on the price in that country. Check Canadian prescription drug prices.
Most patients save between 40-50% on prescription drugs and the savings can go as high as 70%.
You can view our medication prices by searching our online drug store database. Type in the name of the medications you would like to obtain price quotes for and click ‘Search’. If you are unable to find the medications you are searching for in our database, our Customer Care Specialists are more than happy to help – click here to contact them at +1-866-732-0305.

Once your order is submitted, you should receive an email confirmation at the email address listed in your profile. If you don’t receive an email confirmation, the best method to confirm your order is to give us a call 1 to 2 hours after you submit your order at +1-866-732-0305 for verbal confirmation.
From the time your order is submitted, your prescription has an average delivery time of 2-4 weeks.

However, there are several factors that may affect the arrival time of your prescription medication.

These being:
– The order forms are incomplete, illegible, or missing the prescription
– Delays resulting from processing payments
– When the packages reaching the United States, they are shipped and delivered via United States Postal Service which can experience unforseen delays due to extreme weather or shipping volume.
– At the border, US Customs and the US Food and Drug Administration officers have the discretion to examine and detain your shipments for up to 30 days.

Click here for more details on ordering International and Canadian drugs online.
We understand that sometimes there is an urgency in needing medication. Please call our toll-free number at +1-866-732-0305 and we would be happy to assist you in areas that are under our control. If you require your medication immediately, please purchase it locally and plan your future purchases at Doctor Solve with a greater lead time.
We accept payments through Personal Checks, International Money Orders, and Certified Checks. In addition, we will also accept E-checks.
Our customer service team is available seven days a week to answer any questions or to address any concerns you may have. Please give us a call at Doctor Solve on Monday to Friday from 6am-8pm PST, or Saturdays and Sundays from 7am-5pm PST.
Similar to brick-and-mortar pharmacies bound by pharmaceutical law, we cannot accept returns for dispensed products. In the interest of the safety of all parties, once a prescription or non-prescription drug has been dispensed, it cannot be returned for any reason.
Doctor Solve currently ships to the United States and Puerto Rico.
In addition to dispensing from a Canadian pharmacy, DoctorSolve also arranges for your medications to be dispensed from international fulfillment centers that are approved by the regulatory bodies in their respective countries. In order for DoctorSolve to offer global discount drugs, they affiliate with dispensaries in the following jurisdictions that ship product to customers: Canada, Mauritius, New Zealand, Australia, Turkey, United Kingdom, India and the United States.
There is a $9.95 US shipping fee per patient (additional shipping charges may apply for special shipping requirements). All prescription drug prices include the prescribing fee and pharmacy dispensing fee.
Doctor Solve is located in Canada, therefore we follow guidelines set by Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). PIPEDA is Canada’s version of HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). Your personal information is only viewed by trained, authorized staff, for tasks essential to complete your order. We do not sell, trade, or rent your personal information to anyone for any reason. undergoes daily testing and certification to meet the highest standards of internet security. We comply with rigorous security standards recognized by the U.S. government, major credit card companies, and industry-leading security organizations.

The private information we receive through the web server is encrypted using the latest TLS 1.3 technology, secured by a true GeoTrust SSL Certificate with advanced encryption methods.

All DoctorSolve servers are protected by multiple firewalls and advanced threat detection systems. Access privileges isolate them from each other, preventing unauthorized access. Customer records are stored in a secure, proprietary system accessible only to authorized internal staff. These servers are physically located within DoctorSolve’s secure facility to prevent tampering or unauthorized access.

If you have any further questions about our security measures, please email [email protected]

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