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If you're gearing up for your first visit with a new primary care physician, prepare to bear more than your body, said Caroline Rudnick, MD, Ph.D., a Saint Louis University family physician. "Having a good relationship with your doctor is important. Your new doctor visit...

It's important to get enough sleep. That way, you'll be better able to focus and boost productivity. A good night's rest is essential for your physical health as well-keep that in mind! One of the big disadvantages is that many people don’t get enough sleep –...

Get Into a Routine to Improve Sleep Quality - The best way to improve sleep quality, be more fulfilling and get better sleep is to set a regular sleep schedule. Avoid fighting against your biological clock by figuring out how many hours of sleep your body...

Hopefully, wherever you are, you have been enjoying the summer months basking in the sun. Maybe you went on vacation for a few weeks or stayed home with the family. However, no matter what you've done, you've probably noticed the numerous bug bites (Mosquitoes especially)...

Unfortunately, due to a power outage some of the features available on Doctorsolve may not be online. We know how important it is to have affordable prescription medication and we’re working as fast as we can to restore our call center, email, and online chat services.