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prevent mosquito bites

6 Natural Ways to Prevent Mosquito Bites

Hopefully, wherever you are, you have been enjoying the summer months basking in the sun. Maybe you went on vacation for a few weeks or stayed home with the family. However, no matter what you’ve done, you’ve probably noticed the numerous bug bites (Mosquitoes especially) you have been receiving. If you don’t want to be spraying your family with chemicals all the time then it is recommended to focus on ways to prevent mosquito bites.

Here Are Some Easy Ways to Prevent Mosquito Bites:

  • Protection from mosquito bites is possible by keeping much of your body covered. Even though mosquitoes may find their way through the fabric, you should be receiving a significantly lower number of bites. 
  • Remember to wear light-colored clothes, mosquitoes are attracted to dark colours. 
  • Try to keep your lawn mowed and all your bushes trimmed. This takes away some of the resting places for mosquitoes.
  • In order to prevent mosquito bites, remove anything that can collect water in your yard. Also, make sure to drain and clean your gutters completely. If you have a bird bath change the water at least once every week. Mosquitoes love standing water. 
  • Plant mosquito-repelling plants like citronella, lavender, basil, catnip, pennyroyal, tansy, or marigolds. You could even break off and crush some of the plant leaves and rub them on your skin or combine the crushed leaves with water to use as a spray for mosquito bite prevention.   
  • I’ve heard of some people dabbing Vanilla Extract on themselves, but there are many recommended ways to prevent mosquito bites. Some say to dab the pulse points. Others say to rub it all over or combine it with water and rub. It is up to you to find out precisely what is best. 

Good luck and best wishes for the rest of the summer, and hopefully you can keep those bugs and the bites at bay.


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