Useful Tips for Staying Healthy On Vacation

November 3, 2022 | by DoctorSolve

With summer fast approaching, you may be planning to take a healthy travel vacation in a faraway place – where only the sun, the sky, and your Facebook updates can reach you. 

While you’re out in the sun, or the city, depending on what type of vacation you’re looking for, here are some traveling tips:  

Health Problems When Traveling via Air 

If you need an airplane to get where you’re going, air travel companies recommend that you plan ahead, by making sure that your immunizations are current, in order to stay healthy while traveling via air & to ensure that you do not contract any viruses.

Airline travel companies additionally recommend that you reserve your seat according to your health needs. If you are prone to airsickness, reserve a seat by the wing, or if you experience motion sickness, opt for a larger plane to fly on and request a seat close to the wings with a window. If you have a prescription medication, especially if it is a seizure medication, diabetes medication, heart disease medication, or epinephrine medication, ensure that you bring it onto the plane with you in your onboard luggage. 

Acclimatize – How to Stay Fit While Traveling? 

The next important tip on staying fit while traveling is giving yourself time to acclimatize and allowing your body to become used to the new time zone and environment. This may include helping your body to adjust to a new environment by wearing more sunscreen to combat the heat and wearing clothing that is suitable for the weather. 

Other Important Healthy Travel Tips 

Avoid Mosquito Bites 

If you are visiting a tropical or otherwise mosquito-infested area, wear bug repellent to prevent both mosquito bites and malaria. If you know that the area where you are going is an area where you are likely to acquire malaria, take a malaria-preventative drug before your trip. 

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Avoid Tap Water 

Avoiding tap water that you aren’t sure is purified is important to staying healthy on vacation. Drinking contaminated water often leads to diarrhea, which can make vacation rather awkward, if not ruined, pretty quickly. There is no guarantee that you will find that water is not contaminated, so it’s easier to be safe than sorry and stick to carbonated beverages and bottled water instead. 

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Eat Healthy on Vacation 

When you eat out at restaurants, avoid eating unless it comes to you hot and well-cooked. This will prevent an upset stomach, possible food poisoning, and digestive tract infection. Do not eat any raw fruit or vegetables that you have not washed, as they may have been washed with contaminated water if they were washed at all. 

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By following these helpful tips, you will be able to fully enjoy your vacation – without having to worry about any pressing health issues.

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