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Recommended vaccines for adults- Doctor Solve

Recommended Vaccines for Adults by Canadian Pharmacists

Of all my favorite childhood memories, immunizations don’t even rank close to the top of the list. I remember sitting in a doctor’s office at five, bawling my eyes out before the nurse even brought out the needle for immunization. For a child, immunizations cause a panicky fear because they’re unnatural and scary, and they hurt. However, as adults, it’s essential to adhere to a regular vaccine schedule. There are many types of recommended vaccines for adults, but they should be immunized with the most common vaccines to obtain maximum protection from many preventable diseases, despite the irrational fear that links vaccination to bad childhood memories.

Most Common Types of Vaccines for Adults 

There are numerous types of common vaccines for adults that protect against various conditions ranging from sexually transmitted infections to diseases that stem from contamination and infection. Canadian healthcare professionals recommend that adults receive an immunization for tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis every ten years. Vaccines for measles, mumps, and rubella are usually administered during childhood and maybe for adults who have not taken this vaccine and were born after 1970. 

In the past few years, researchers have developed a vaccine for chickenpox, called varicella, which can be recommended for adults who have not yet had the disease; however, this vaccine is not yet recommended for widespread use. 

Vaccination for Adults to Travel Internationally 

Adults should also consider immunizations in preparation for traveling internationally, as diseases that are not common in western countries are often more prominent in international areas. Incorporate a visit to your local doctor’s office into your trip planning process so your doctor can recommend any vaccines that may specifically protect from medical conditions native to your planned destination. 

Workplace Conditions – Adults’ Need for Vaccination

Workplace conditions may also contribute to the need for immunization for adults. Those who work in hospitals or other location that allows for exposure to bio-hazardous materials such as blood, saliva, and other bodily fluids are recommended to have various immunizations, ranging from hepatitis A and hepatitis B to the swine flu vaccine. Employees who work at workplaces with numerous traffic people daily, such as transit centers and airports, are also recommended to receive all current vaccinations, especially influenza vaccines. 

Whether or not you’ve had a bad experience with vaccinations, it’s essential to keep up with your immunization schedule to receive the maximum protection available from many different and preventable diseases. Get more information about what vaccines you should be taking and when to schedule an appointment with your local doctor to evaluate your immunization needs.


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