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Two Swine Flu Vaccine Shots Needed For Children Under Ten Years of Age

Well it looks like any children under the age of 10 will have to have 2 swine flu shots instead of the single one previously thought. In children under 10 years of age the vaccine protects only 36% or lower however, they will be able to receive a second shot about 3 weeks after the first one and this should significantly increase the percentage of protection.
The good news is that the Swine flu vaccine appears to be working quite well in older children. Experts are reporting that the vaccine is at a protection percentage of about 76%. This is considered by many a very good amount of protection for a vaccine. It is expected that sometime in the near future children will be getting their swine flu vaccine at the same time as their seasonal flu vaccine.
Thankfully no serious side effects have occurred from the H1N1 vaccine and hopefully none will. The worst I want to get is a cold. I don’t want to be experiencing some weird mutations from a vaccine shot… or do I? Well if I get super awesome powers like some of the X-Men like Wolverine then I’m fine, but if it’s like some nuclear mutation where I grow another limb then maybe not so much. But thankfully the experts don’t think that will happen. But wouldn’t be kind of cool if it did?
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