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5 Body Signs Explained!

We’ve all had little clues that our bodies sent out to us when something isn’t right. Here is a list of five body clues explained that are common in many young women!
1. More hair in the drain
The reason may be because of your birth control pills. The estrogen in the birth control usually triggers hair growth when it is first taken, but several months later, the hair then goes into a loss phase. Don’t worry – It shouldn’t last for more than a couple months.
2. Tylenol pain relievers made your headache worse!
This is usually called a “rebound” headache. It is a side effect of over the counter headache pills. When you take a pain reliever, your brain becomes sensitized to it, so when you stop taking it, you may suffer from symptoms of withdrawal – like another headache.
3. You become light headed when you stand up
This could be caused by dehydration. Dehydration can make your blood pressure drop, and that is what causes the dizzy feeling. Drink water throughout the day and try to eat foods with a high water content – like soup and fruit. If the feeling continues every time you get up, see your doctor.
4. You have dark under-eye circles!
If you do not get enough sleep, your circulation slows down and blood vessels under your eyes become swollen and give off a blue tint through the skin. Eight hours of sleep every night will ensure your blood flow is healthy, and prevent you from developing dark circles under your eyes. If you do have dark circles, avoid touching them – touching them may trigger bruises that make them worse! It the circles persist, consult your doctor.
5. You woke up and can’t fall asleep again
If you’ve been drinking, then booze is the problem. Two servings of alcohol can interfere with your ability to deep sleep, causing you to wake up after you fall asleep. Limit yourself to one drink at least four hours before bed – and you should be able to sleep all night!

If that isn’t the problem, you may have insomnia caused by stress. Try relaxing a few hours before bed by having a bubble bath, reading a book, or doing another calming activity.

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