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Teens Technology Obsession May Cause Mental Health Problems

  • One-in-ten teens spend over 7 hours a day in front of a screen.
  • It is recommended by health officials as two hours maximum for children over two.
  • In 2009, people 15 years old and older watched an average of 2.8 hours of TV per day. Socializing in person only had an average of 45 minutes per day.
  • Teenagers spend an average of 31 hours online per week.
  • In 2004, only 18 percent of 12 year olds owned a cell phone; now 58 percent own one.

Because of the isolation that technology provides technology may affect our mental health. Human interaction is needed! Human touch has so much power and impact. Something as simple as interacting with a complete stranger can be significantly beneficial to our mental health. Isolation has mental consequences and can affect work, family, and personal growth. Often depression is a result of isolation.
Gambling is also something mental health related. Although this is less common in teens, it is still an issue. Gambling can lead to lying, and debt. This can cause a lot of stress in the family and network of the person.
Not only is the overuse of technology having a negative impact on mental health, but physical health is also a concern. It is feared that teens are not getting an adequate amount of exercise. In a survey conducted on numerous students it was found that 8.5 percent of students said they had no physical activity for a week before taking the survey. 7 days without exercise is extremely unhealthy, compared to the 30 minutes a day teens should be getting.
TV, the computer, and cell phones are all wonderful advances in technology, but without balance out in keeping fit and social, they could pose harm to our health.

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