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Importance of Blood Donation

Importance Of Blood Donation on National Blood Donor Month – A Duty to Save Lives

With the New Year, many people have probably made new year’s resolutions to lose some weight, take up something new, knowing the importance of blood donation, how about a commitment to save lives? January is national blood donor month, and we will need all the help we can get.

What is The Importance of Blood Donation?

Blood is a very important substance, obviously, but many people never take the time to go and donate. The truth is, donating blood doesn’t take very long, and is very rewarding to both the person donating and the person receiving the blood. Obviously, the person who needs the blood will be pleased that their life has just been saved because someone took that one hour out of their day to donate. You are, however, aware of the importance of blood donation.

When you go to donate, you feel a sense of accomplishment. After donating you know that you may have just given a person another shot at life. You must remember that it could be anyone that might someday need blood, a stranger, maybe a relative of yours, maybe one day, you will need blood.

Why is Blood Donation Important in Winter Season?

Blood supplies are low, especially during these winter months. Many lives are saved by donating blood in winter because blood is needed the most during this time of year. There are many accidents occurring every day, combined with those that need blood for different health conditions, like cancer, or surgeries puts a lot of stress on the American Red Cross. Not to mention, blood only remains usable for about forty-two days, making regular donations necessary.

How Often Can You Donate Blood?

Give blood to save a life. Giving blood isn’t some giant obstacle, like competing in the Olympics. It takes about an hour, and you can do it about six times a year (every eight weeks or so). So why haven’t you gone and helped save a life? If you’re seventeen and healthy, you should try to donate every so often. If you can only donate once a year, that’s great. If you can donate twice a year, awesome. If you can donate the complete six times a year, that’s fantastic. Try to donate and give back to your community this year. Remember, “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.”


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