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6 Ways to Lose Weight Naturally

Despite what the countless infomercials and magazine ads say, you do not need hundreds of dollars worth of bizarre work out equipment or a cupboard full of worthless weight loss medicine to lose weight effectively. There are many natural medicines that will assist you in weight loss that will not harm your body with toxins and chemicals and make you feel healthy!

1. Drink more water
Water is the most important and effective weight loss remedy. By increasing your intake of water to a minimum of 8 glasses a day, your body will become more efficient in absorbing the nutrients and vitamins it needs. Drink a glass of water before you start to snack or have a meal. It may stop you from overindulging by giving you a feeling of fullness. Drinking warm water will aid in digestion.
2. Put your body to work

The number one weight loss remedy proven to be the most effective for hundreds of years is the most simple; get some exercise! There is nothing out there that will allow you to get in shape and lose weight faster than a jog on the beach or a visit to the gym. Not to mention it does wonders to the mind and will leave you feeling energized and happier. (Remember to drink loads of water when working out!!)
3. Try green tea products
Green tea is an ancient remedy in China believed to be effective for many things including weight loss. A cup of green tea has the ability to increase your metabolism and fat and calorie burning abilities. Although in ancient times green tea was consumed only as tea, today green tea comes in different forms including capsules and extracts.
4. Almonds, peanuts and walnuts!
Eating a handful of nuts a day will provide you with protein and satisfy your appetite. According to the International Journal of Obesity, a recent study showed that eating a serving of almonds daily for 6 months can help decrease your body fat by 18%. Be careful not to eat too many, because nuts also contain healthy fat, ideal in small amounts but may cause weight gain in large amounts.
5. Eat more Raw food
Raw food is a great health option because it does not contain fatty oils like cooked food, or chemicals used in processing. Try to increase your raw food intake by eating raw vegetables, fruit, nuts and especially salads!
6. Eat Pears
Pears are said to be the best fruit to aid in weight loss because they are full of fibre which improves your digestive tract and fills you up quickly to prevent further food consumption. Besides, they’re sweet and juicy!

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