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fake healthy foods

Fake Healthy Foods That Are Not Good for You

Most people have a very stereotypical point of view in terms of what is healthy and what isn’t. However, you will find that foods you think are healthy and good for you are not as great as you think. In this post, we will cover the “fake healthy foods” and reasons why these healthy foods are bad for you called fake foods.

List of Top 5 Healthy Foods Bad for You


Most breakfast cereals are full of sugar. These cereals usually advertise the nutritional value of the cereal. However, if the cereal is high in sugar, then the other nutritional benefits are really of no value. It is important to buy cereal that is low in sugar and high in Fiber.  

Salads & Fat-Free Dressings  

Not all salads are healthy. In fact, this is probably the most stereotyped food item. Most people think that it is impossible to go wrong with a salad.  Regardless, a salad can have as many calories as eating a burger and fries depending on what you put on it. It is vital to be more careful about salads when ordering from a fast-food chain or restaurant.  

In addition, all supermarkets sell fat-free salad dressings. Do not fall for them! Just because it is fat-free does not mean it’s good for you. In fact, you need some fat in your salad dressing so that your body can absorb all the nutrients from the salad and that’s the reason salads & fat- free dressings also come under the category of fake healthy foods.  

Whole-Wheat Chips  

We all know that chips are considered junk food. However, if we buy whole wheat chips it’s a much healthier choice! Not actually true. The very popular whole wheat tortilla chips only contain a relatively small amount of whole wheat. This doesn’t really make them much better than the regular version. The bottom line is that chips should not be eaten all the time and rather be a treat every so often.  


Juice should not make up a majority of the servings for your fruit and vegetable intake. Most people think that drinking 100% pure juice is equivalent to actually eating fruit. It would help if you tried to limit yourself to about 1-2 glasses per day. Juices that are labeled as fruit cocktails or real fruit beverages are actually extremely high in sugar. Try to avoid these types of juices and bad foods at all times.  

Diet Pop  

For most people, drinking pop is very regular and occurs every day. Some choose to buy the diet version instead of the regular so that the drink will have substantially fewer calories and sugar. However, a sugar substitute called aspartame is used. As a result, people that drink diet pop are more likely to develop unbalanced levels of insulin and blood sugar.  

In most cases, it is the ways the foods are marketed that make people believe that it is healthy. It is important to actually read the nutrition label and the ingredients. The ingredients are listed in order from most used to least. 

How to Stop Eating Healthy Junk Foods Or Bad Foods?

The most important thing is to understand the cause of why you are eating bad foods in terms of health. If you are eating these unhealthy foods because they taste good, then try to find healthier alternatives that still taste good. If you are eating them because they are readily available, then try to make healthy food more general in your house. If you are eating them as a form of comfort, then try to find other ways of feeling comforted. 


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