4 Ways to Relieve Muscle Soreness and Pain 

November 12, 2022 | by DoctorSolve

If you’ve worked out or done some sort of physically stressful activity you’ve probably noticed that your muscles tend to feel really sore a day or two after. This is called delayed onset muscle soreness. Now everyone I know hates this sore muscle problem due to the fact that it hurts to really do anything involving those muscles. Although I do like the soreness only the fact that I know I was working fairly hard. However, I always wish that the pain wouldn’t take so long to go away because it can interfere with daily activities. So, I went to try and find different ideas on how to relieve muscle soreness. Some ideas I found included doing this like:

Taking an Ice Bath 

Many athletes do this because it helps with the acid in your body which leads to muscle soreness. This helps in muscle pain relief fast … or so I’ve been told. 

Active Recovery to Relieve Sore Muscles 

Some athletes participate in active recovery instead of complete rest. This means that after a hard workout or a big competition instead of resting the following day athletes work out at lower intensities. Some studies have shown that this may help with lactic acid removal and speed recovery time for sore muscles. 

Taking Anti-Inflammatory Medicine 

Although the anti-inflammatory medicine (something like aspirin) does not speed recovery time it does help with sore muscle pain temporarily.  

R.I.C.E Method for Treating Sore Muscles 

Rest, Ice Compression, and Elevation. Resting will help the injury heal, ice will reduce blood flow and may reduce swelling, compression also reduces swelling, and elevation will help heal the injury faster. 

Always remember to warm up and stretch before doing any sort of workout or strenuous physical activity. This will help keep you from getting injured.


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