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It can be a challenge to figure out where to find the best value on prescription drugs while ensuring that your health is not compromised.  Canadian online pharmacies are a readily-available and easy-to-use method for saving on expensive prescription medications.  However, the dangers of purchasing online pharmacies are well documented. There are a large number of illegitimate online pharmacies that sell drugs that may have dangerous ingredients or inaccurate dosages, which poses a worrisome health risk. Only an estimated 4% of online pharmacies meet US federal and state laws.  How can you determine which online pharmacies are trustworthy?

How do you save large amounts on your prescription drugs immediately? You can literally cut your costs with a pill splitter. Pill splitting (or pill cutting) is the process of dividing a higher dosage pill into two equal portions to save on costs.  Often, pills that...

Alcohol, no matter how it fuels fun nights out with friends, has plenty of risks. Getting intoxicated can lead not just to sticky situations, but regular intake of alcohol can also increase your risk of cancer. It’s not just excessive drinking that you have to be...

The ABC 20/20 report released a week ago concerning the safety of buying medications online has been the subject of debate. The report which was the combined efforts of NABP, LegitScript, Big Pharma and ASOP gave the impression that all the drugs purchased online are...

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