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PR Web
April 10, 2012
National Bureau of Economic Research Study Finds Drugs Purchased at PharmacyChecker.com Verified Websites are Safe and Affordable
NBER has Released a Study that Found Drugs Purchased on CIPA and/or PharmacyChecker.com like DoctorSolve.com Sells Only the Safest and Most Affordable Prescription Drugs.

PR Web
March 20, 2012
DoctorSolve.com Unveils Plans to Use PowerReviews.com for Customer Reviews
By partnering with PowerReviews, DoctorSolve expect to improve the consumers experience by integrating the needs and insights from loyal customers.

PR Web
February 14, 2012
DoctorSolve Thanks Customers But Encourages Vigilance After SOPA/PIPA Defeat
Rest easy that your access to affordable drugs has been protected for now. DoctorSolve still warns consumers that future threats are on the horizon.

PR Web
June 16, 2011
DoctorSolve Warns Americans of the PROTECT IP Act Threat to Buying Affordable Prescriptions
Unfortunately according to CIPA and DoctorSolve, PIPA will pose a significant threat to international online pharmacies, thereby restricting access to safe and affordable mail order medication.

PR Web
May 10, 2011
BuySAFE guarantees DoctorSolve Purchases
In their efforts to guarantee customers a safe and enjoyable shopping experience, DoctorSolve has become a BuySAFE merchant.

PR Newswire
March 31, 2011
Even Under ObamaCare Canadian Pharmacies Spell Affordability
The controversial health care reform promised by Barack Obama continues to suffer political backlash. As such, DoctorSolve remains a popular alternative for safe and affordable medication.

PR Newswire
August 24,2010
Online Pharmacies Certified by PharmacyChecker.com are Guaranteed to Provide Safe and Authentic Prescription Medications
A recent study confirms that online pharmacies approved by PharmacyChecker.com sell safe and authentic medications to American consumers at lower prices, such as DoctorSolve.

The Vancouver Sun
October 29, 2008

PR Newswire
March 10, 2005
Confused About Vioxx? Doctsolve Suggests...
DoctorSolve, Online Pharmacy recommends questions to ask your Doctor before taking Vioxx or another COX-2 Arthritis medication.

The Vancouver Sun
December 7, 2004
Affordable presciptions drugs from Canadian physicians
Canadian physicians are motivated to provide American neighbors with access to affordable prescription medication.

PR Newswire
October 26, 2004
Canadian Doctors Share Flu Vaccine With U.S. Patients
Americans, confident in the vaccine's safety, stream from Seattle to Vancouver, British Columbia, for flu shots.

NOP World Health
September 15 , 2004
A Large Majority of Americans Favor Drug Importation, But View Canada As The Only Safe Source
Canada is the only country, that the majority of Americans view as a safe source of prescription products.

Foundation for Taxpayer & Consumer Rights
August 23, 2004
American Rx Bulk Purchasing Could Save U.S. Consumers Billions
Prescription drugs are available in Canada, England and Ireland at 30-60% less than in the United States because those countries control drug prices and negotiate rates on behalf of all patients.

PR Newswire
August 10, 2004
California Senator & Other Advocates Find Canadian Drugs Safe
DoctorSolve was mentioned in this article as, "a certified member of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association and ranked by PharmacyChecker.com as one of the best (five-star) online pharmacies".

PR Newswire
July 16, 2004
Drug Costs Linked to Adherence, but Prices Still Climbing
Canadian pharmacies like DoctorSolve are often still the best alternative for the elderly and uninsured.

PR Newswire
June 28, 2004
Significant Savings for Seniors, Safer Than Stockpiling. Buy Prescription Medications Online From Canada.
The skyrocketing costs of prescription drugs have forced many people, especially seniors, to take health risks in order to save money.

KIRO 7 Eyewitness News
May 1, 2002
Save on Prescription Drugs by Buying Through Online Pharmacies
For more than two years, KIRO 7 Eyewitness News has investigated and exposed how you can save thousands of dollars by buying prescription drugs in Canada.

Seattle Post Intelligencer
August 30, 2000
Washington State Creates Prescription Drug `Buying Club'
In a move to combat the skyrocketing cost of medicine, Gov. Gary Locke announced a new program to slash the price of prescription drugs by nearly half for people 55 and older.

Bellingham Herald
September 24, 2000
Rx: Canada
This article shows the devistation Americans are faced with when recieving their medical bills. This was written by Sharon Salyer

Seattle Post Intelligencer
July 24, 2000
Seniors heading north for prescription drugs
This is a article which mentions why seniors are willing to go up north in order to get prescription medication. This was written by Scott Sunde

Seattle Times
December 8, 1999
Retirees making 'drug runs' for BC's cheaper medicines.
Story about the lengths retirees have gone to in order to get cheaper medication. This was written by Marsha King


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