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August 2015
5 Amazing Foods To Reverse Autoimmune Diseases
What to eat to have a healthy immune system.

July 2015
3 Top Reasons Patients Don’t Get Help When Sick
The Affordable Care Act and costly insurance plans.

June 2015
Afforable Prescription Medication
Imagine Being Able to Afford Prescription Medication By Buying Them Legally Online.

February 2015
Calcium and Vitamin D
Calcium and Vitamin D Lowers Cholesterol in Postmenopausal Women.

April 2013
Antibiotic Resistance
Your body can develop a resistance to antibiotics due to the constant over use of medication.

March 2013
4 Ways to Eat for a Longer Life
Eat your way to a elongated life by improving your nutritional intake.

February 2013
Don't Break Your Heart This Valentine's Day
Valentines day is meant to be about giving it away to a significant other, not to the ER for treatment.

January 2013
Relieve Migranes Naturally
Don't resort to medication to relieve your migranes, search for a more natural alternative to relief.

December 2012
Tis the Season for Stress
There is no escaping the negative emotions brought on during the time of holiday cheer.

November 2012
Battle of the Senses
Men and women are different, and this can be seen when you compare the perceptions they make through their senses.

October 2012
Post-Workout Tasty Treats
Reward yourself after a long workout with a tasty treat thats full of beneficial flavanols.

September 2012
The Upside to Mass Media Consumption
It seems the type of mass media consumption can actually determine whether it will benefit or harm your health.

August 2012
Prevention of Medical Denial
Denial is not a word people like to hear and even worse if it is attached to the word Healthcare Coverage.

July 2012
5 Drug Industry Facts for Savvy Consumers
Medications must pass various vigorous procedures in order to be sold, find out more about what occurs in the drug industry so that your medication can be bought by you.

June 2012
5 Modern Medical Innovations
Throughout the years medical discovers have improved the way conditions are treated, learn what innovations are hitting the medical world now!

May 2012
Eight Old and New Ideas for Oral Care
Teeth are an important part of oral care therefore be sure to keep up with the new and old techniques which will leave your mouth looking healthy and fresh.

April 2012
The Choice Is Yours, Baldness or Erectile Dysfunction?
For men baldness and prostate cancer are a hindrance to a man's sexual prosperity, but sadly Merck products which treat both these problems has a terrible side effect to it, erectile dysfunction.

February 2012
Does Your Love for the TV Have to Stop?
In this issue we tackle a myth about drinking water, which seems to have finally run try to new science. As well, we'll explore the topic of television intake for children.

January 2012
Drink Up to the New Year
With the new year now here we have to stay on top of our health. In this issue we will discuss the link between both drinking coffee and prostate cancer.

December 2011
Stuff Your Brain With Holidy Knowledge
The holiday season is now here, and when it's the holiday season we usually make very big portions of food. So know how to store and reheat your leftovers properly.

November 2011
SOPA... So What?
You are in imminent danger of losing the ability to order your prescriptions from our pharmacy, and in danger of losing the internet as you currently know it.

October 2011
Trick-Or-Treat Yourself to Some Healthy Snacks
With Fall now here you need to make sure that you stay healthy by keeping up your energy. Read about 8 great ways to boost your energy below.

September 2011
Your Health is Worth a Shot
With Fall just around the corner, many of us will be waking up bright and early to make breakfast for us or our kids. Remember,try to sneak some vegetables or fruits into their lunches and keep it somewhat healthy!

August 2011
Use Sunscreen or Risk not Only Getting Burned but More
As summer starts winding down, most forget about how much they are exposed to the sun, and how harmful it can actually be. So stay protected with that sunscreen.

July 2011
Barbaque and Bug Season
Have you been barbecuing this summer? Are those pesky mosquitoes giving you a hard time? Find out how to repel them as well as dealing with their annoying bites.

June 2011
Sunshine and Sunburns
Summer has just arrived and DoctorSolve has some amazing tips to share with you this season.

May 2011
It's Spring Cleaning Time
A clean house is a house anyone wants to be in. Spring Cleaning has just become a yearly thing, but what if it was beneficial to your health as well?

April 2011
Keep Clean and Keep Dust Mites Out
Now that Spring is here, be sure to be proactive to prevent allergy suffering. Also be sure to clean your house in order to eliminate any dust mites you may be housing.

March 2011
Allergens are in the Air!
On March 20th, Spring will be officially in the air. However, along with the singing birds and new leaves on the trees comes the terrible allergy season.

February 2011
Love Your Body
It's February and Valentine's Day is here. As a result, there will be lots of boxes of chocolate to be had. Did you know that there are lots of health benefits to chocolate?

January 2011
New Year, New You!
Start the New Year with a great resolution to keep your resolution going all year

December 2010
Unwrap Your Healthy
Keep your stress down and weight down by reading this newsletter which tells you how to stay healthy and happy during the holidays.

November 2010
Give Thanks to a Healthy Life
With Thanksgiving behind us, many people are now turning their attention to the winter holidays. During this busy time of year, it remains important to keep your health a top priority.

October 2010
Don't Fright, Be Alright
October is a time for trick-or-treating, so treat your self with some healthy snacks rather than harmful candy.

August 2010
Protect Yourself, Summer is not Over Yet!
Summer is still upon you, make sure to apply sunscreen everyday. Soon school will start so be sure to take your children for an eye exam before classes are in session.

July 2010
School is Out, Health is In!
This newsletter focuses on a range of issues that may be affecting your health. Continue reading to find out how you can improve your quality of life and live stronger and healthier!

June 2010
Bring on the Sun
This Newsletter provides tips on weight loss, recommended sun protectors and simply how to live a healthy life. These are all the information that is necessary to know for the upcoming summer.

March 2010
Allergy Season is Here!
Protect yourself from allergies and read up on the ways to minimize your exposure to allergens.

August 2003
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Press releases

PR Web
April 10, 2012
National Bureau of Economic Research Study Finds Drugs Purchased at Verified Websites are Safe and Affordable
NBER has Released a Study that Found Drugs Purchased on CIPA and/or like Sells Only the Safest and Most Affordable Prescription Drugs.

PR Web
March 20, 2012 Unveils Plans to Use for Customer Reviews
By partnering with PowerReviews, DoctorSolve expect to improve the consumers experience by integrating the needs and insights from loyal customers.

PR Web
February 14, 2012
DoctorSolve Thanks Customers But Encourages Vigilance After SOPA/PIPA Defeat
Rest easy that your access to affordable drugs has been protected for now. DoctorSolve still warns consumers that future threats are on the horizon.

PR Web
June 16, 2011
DoctorSolve Warns Americans of the PROTECT IP Act Threat to Buying Affordable Prescriptions
Unfortunately according to CIPA and DoctorSolve, PIPA will pose a significant threat to international online pharmacies, thereby restricting access to safe and affordable mail order medication.

PR Web
May 10, 2011
BuySAFE guarantees DoctorSolve Purchases
In their efforts to guarantee customers a safe and enjoyable shopping experience, DoctorSolve has become a BuySAFE merchant.

PR Newswire
March 31, 2011
Even Under ObamaCare Canadian Pharmacies Spell Affordability
The controversial health care reform promised by Barack Obama continues to suffer political backlash. As such, DoctorSolve remains a popular alternative for safe and affordable medication.

PR Newswire
August 24,2010
Online Pharmacies Certified by are Guaranteed to Provide Safe and Authentic Prescription Medications
A recent study confirms that online pharmacies approved by sell safe and authentic medications to American consumers at lower prices, such as DoctorSolve.

The Vancouver Sun
October 29, 2008

PR Newswire
March 10, 2005
Confused About Vioxx? Doctsolve Suggests...
DoctorSolve, Online Pharmacy recommends questions to ask your Doctor before taking Vioxx or another COX-2 Arthritis medication.

The Vancouver Sun
December 7, 2004
Affordable presciptions drugs from Canadian physicians
Canadian physicians are motivated to provide American neighbors with access to affordable prescription medication.

PR Newswire
October 26, 2004
Canadian Doctors Share Flu Vaccine With U.S. Patients
Americans, confident in the vaccine's safety, stream from Seattle to Vancouver, British Columbia, for flu shots.

NOP World Health
September 15 , 2004
A Large Majority of Americans Favor Drug Importation, But View Canada As The Only Safe Source
Canada is the only country, that the majority of Americans view as a safe source of prescription products.

Foundation for Taxpayer & Consumer Rights
August 23, 2004
American Rx Bulk Purchasing Could Save U.S. Consumers Billions
Prescription drugs are available in Canada, England and Ireland at 30-60% less than in the United States because those countries control drug prices and negotiate rates on behalf of all patients.

PR Newswire
August 10, 2004
California Senator & Other Advocates Find Canadian Drugs Safe
DoctorSolve was mentioned in this article as, "a certified member of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association and ranked by as one of the best (five-star) online pharmacies".

PR Newswire
July 16, 2004
Drug Costs Linked to Adherence, but Prices Still Climbing
Canadian pharmacies like DoctorSolve are often still the best alternative for the elderly and uninsured.

PR Newswire
June 28, 2004
Significant Savings for Seniors, Safer Than Stockpiling. Buy Prescription Medications Online From Canada.
The skyrocketing costs of prescription drugs have forced many people, especially seniors, to take health risks in order to save money.

KIRO 7 Eyewitness News
May 1, 2002
Save on Prescription Drugs by Buying Through Online Pharmacies
For more than two years, KIRO 7 Eyewitness News has investigated and exposed how you can save thousands of dollars by buying prescription drugs in Canada.

Seattle Post Intelligencer
August 30, 2000
Washington State Creates Prescription Drug `Buying Club'
In a move to combat the skyrocketing cost of medicine, Gov. Gary Locke announced a new program to slash the price of prescription drugs by nearly half for people 55 and older.

Bellingham Herald
September 24, 2000
Rx: Canada
This article shows the devistation Americans are faced with when recieving their medical bills. This was written by Sharon Salyer

Seattle Post Intelligencer
July 24, 2000
Seniors heading north for prescription drugs
This is a article which mentions why seniors are willing to go up north in order to get prescription medication. This was written by Scott Sunde

Seattle Times
December 8, 1999
Retirees making 'drug runs' for BC's cheaper medicines.
Story about the lengths retirees have gone to in order to get cheaper medication. This was written by Marsha King

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