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Enjoying a good meal starts with healthy teeth. This month, Doctor Solve brings you the tools to keep your teeth healthy, clean, and pain-free.

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8 Old and New Oral Care Ideas
5 Bad Flossing Ideas

8 Old and New Oral Care Ideas

Brushing your teeth. Sometimes annoying. Often minty. But always necessary.

Take care of your teeth and you’ll keep them whiter well into your old age. And to do that, try to keep these ideas in mind when thinking about your oral care routine:

  1. Try “teeth massaging” by rubbing toothpaste directly on your teeth in addition to brushing. Dentists agree that toothpaste fluoride protection can be enhanced with this new technique.

  2. Don’t fuss over buying an electric or manual toothbrush. Brushing technique is far more important than brush type. Still, softer bristles cause less gum irritation.

  3. ...

5 Bad Flossing Ideas

Do you floss? Every day?

Dental floss is designed to get the plaque out from between your teeth and in those hard-to-reach places. Leave the plaque where it is and you can develop tartar or gum disease.

But even if you floss regularly, you might be going about it in a way that actually does your teeth harm.

Are any of these bad flossing ideas your ideas?


Bad Idea 1: Floss before brushing.

The best oral hygiene routine is to brush, then floss, then rince. If you floss first, you may actually push additional bacteria into the spaces between your teeth.

Then, when you rinse after flossing, you can help to rinse away any particles that may have been loosened in your mouth by flossing.


Bad Idea 2: ...