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Eating right should not be a short-term goal, make healthy eating choices to lengthen your life.

Snoring doesn't just bother the ears of your sleeping partner but it also harms your heart.

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4 Ways to Eat for a Longer Life
Snoring Linked to Heart Disease

4 Ways to Eat for a Longer Life

Want to feel younger than a freshly hatched chick this spring? Well, the simple solution we’ve all been searching for could just be resting on our plates. Read on to discover how you can eat well for a long life this springtime.

Quick food guide to eating well for a long life

“Aging, in a nutshell, means "rust"- too much sticky stuff accumulates in the body, and the body's garbage disposal system weakens so it can't get rid of the sticky stuff.” This quote from popular healthy eating promoters and authors, Dr. William Sears and Martha Sears, adequately sums up the aging process.

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Snoring Linked to Heart Disease

According to new research, hay fever and sinus problems aren’t the only things to watch out for this spring. A recent study conducted by Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit has revealed that snoring is now considered to be an early indication of heart disease.

While the condition has traditionally been perceived as a mere annoyance for whoever had the misfortune of sleeping with a snorer, it has now been elevated to a risk status above even obesity, smoking and high cholesterol.

How? Well, apparently it’s all in the arteries.

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