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It is the Time to Love and Care

Don't over excite your body this Valentines Day, be sure to keep things romantic and heart attack free.

Acceptance is an important part of this month's festivities. If you work your body too hard it might just stop working for you.

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Don't Break Your Heart This Valentine's Day
Valentines, not a marathon!

Don't Break Your Heart This Valentine's Day

It is the season of love, chocolates, and flowers. Imagine this: dressing up in your favorite outfit, spraying on perfume or cologne, clutching a gift that you know your lover will go ecstatic about, and sauntering over to your significant other's place. Just when you clutch their hand and gaze into their eyes, you feel a peculiar throb in your chest. Excited palpitation? Perhaps not! When the pain fills your chest you collapse onto your lover's chest. Not your idea of a sweet Valentine's Day right?

Valentine's Day is not meant to be spent rushing to the ER. The heart that you want to give away to your special someone needs to be healthy and beating. Save your heart this month. Not just for yourself, but for your loved ones. Well, where should you begin? How about looking for the silent heartbreakers like cholesterol? Curb them and voila, your heart could be saved.

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Valentines, not a marathon!

Working out this February? Aiming at shedding a few pounds for your Valentine's dinner? Well, don't push yourself too hard. Not that it's bad to be in shape to impress your super-athletic, super-fit lover; but because hard exercise can lead to injuries and illnesses that you do not want to deal with this Valentine's Day. What sort of injuries and illnesses, you may ask? Well, let's find out.

The most common, and perhaps the most naive, mistake you can make is to think "Well, if thirty minutes of workout is good, an hour would be simply brilliant." Thinking in this way is a big NO to experts. Over-exercising can lead to torn tendons, shin-splints, or worse. Time and again athletes are warned not to push themselves beyond what their body can endure. So heed this warning folks: it won't do any good to limp to your Valentine.

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