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The Essentials of Metabolism

What is metaboliswoman_exercisingm?
Metabolism is the amount of calories your body burns to maintain itself. Everyone has a different metabolism but they can be all put on to a spectrum between low metabolism and high metabolism.
What is my type of metabolism and how can I perfect it?
High metabolism and low metabolism are the simplest categories of metabolism. People with low metabolism are called endomorphs. These people find it easy to gain weight. In order to balance their metabolism this group can start by drinking more water and eating smaller sized meals more frequently. Meals should consist of plenty of lean protein, whole wheat products, and fruits and veggies. Exercise is crucial if you have this body type and metabolism.
The perfect bodies – women with the natural hourglass shape, men with natural muscle tone – are referred to as mesomorphs. These people have an adequate metabolism which burns just the right amount of fat. These people can develop muscle easily, and lose weight without effort.  Despite their physical advantage, without the proper amount of exercise and adequate nutrition, mesomorphs can become overweight.
Lastly there are those with high metabolism. These people are slim and petite and are referred to as ectomorphs. They have lean muscle and are often curve-less and have a flat chest with a low amount of body fat. This body type makes it difficult to gain weight, fat, or muscle. These people are not at a risk of obesity, but they do need to keep a healthy diet and exercise lots to keep good overall health.

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