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Intuitive eating for healthy weight loss.

You might want to re-think diets where counting calories is involved. According to new research this isn’t the best way to lose weight.
Although his study is too small to be definitive, a Brigham Young University researcher states that “intuitive eating” will help you shed those pesky pounds – sounds tempting doesn’t it?
In the small study, conducted by food sciences professor Steven Hawks, 15 female college students were identified as intuitive eaters and 17 were not. Both groups were then tested to determine how healthy they were.
Test results showed that lower body mass index, lower triglyceride levels, higher levels of high-density lipoproteins (carry cholesterol through the blood stream) and decreased risk of cardiovascular disease were all found to be significantly related to intuitive eating.
Most people have great success with intuitive eating and find that they feel free around food, eat what they want without feelings of withdrawal, attain and maintain their natural weight and eat healthy. But most importantly there comes a feeling of vitality and acceptance of one’s body.
The 3 main steps to intuitive eating for healthy weight loss:

  • embrace body acceptance and a view that dieting is harmful.
  • learn how not to eat for emotional, environmental and social reasons.
  • interpret your body’s signals, cravings and hunger while responding to them in a healthy and positive way.
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