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Does meat make you gain weight

Does Meat Make You Gain Weight?

A study found that a higher intake of meat may result in weight gain. Processed meats (sausages) were associated with the greatest risk of gaining weight. This research shows that high-protein diets may not actually help in the long run. So, let’s read the research to find out does meat make you gain weight really?    

Does Eating Meat Make You Fat According to Research?   

Even after researchers took overall calorie intake, physical activity, and other factors into consideration, the weight gain associated with eating meat was still quite significant. Researchers are not quite certain why meat makes you fat.  

Does Steak Make You Fat? 

While eating regular portions of steak can cause weight gain, another thing to look at is many of us eat too much meat, to begin with. Portion sizes are often much smaller than many people are aware of. Lack of proper information then results in eating unnecessary and unhealthy amounts of meat. 

What’s The Solution?    

Meat can be substituted from our diets; vegetarians have obviously already proven this. I am not saying to stop eating meat altogether. However, you may wish to substitute meats occasionally for other foods, such as an egg, vegetables, etc. What is important is that you find a healthy and balanced diet that you enjoy.


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