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Listen To Your Heart Keep Your Heart Healthy

The heart is a muscle that many of us take for granted each day. Yes, we recognize its great importance and the stressful job it has pumping blood throughout the body, but do we really care? You could say “of course we care; if the heart stops we die.” However, saying we care and showing we care are two completely different things. Every single day people abuse their hearts; sometimes we harm our hearts on multiple occasions every day. We ignore its needs and expect it to put up with our neglect, but just like a relationship gone wrong, eventually, it won’t put up with your actions.
However, in order to maintain a strong and healthy relationship with your heart, there are some things you can do.
1. Don’t Smoke – Smoking is the leading cause of heart disease. Try quitting if you do smoke as it increases blood pressure and the tendency for blood to clot.
2. Get Active – I cannot stress the importance of exercise, not only for your heart but your entire body. Just 30 minutes a day of physical activity can help you reduce the risk of heart disease.
3. Eat Healthy Fats – Healthy fats will help raise your good cholesterol and lower your overall cholesterol. Make sure to limit your unhealthy fats as this can lead to high cholesterol (bad) which can lead to blockages in the arteries which may lead to a heart attack or stroke.
4. Get Some Fiber – Fiber is extremely beneficial to maintaining a healthy heart. Make sure to get at least 25 grams of fiber a day.
5. Watch out for Sugars and Salts – Limiting your intake of sugar and salt can have an incredible effect on your heart. When you eat a significant amount of sugars, you are more likely to develop diabetes and heart disease. Too much salt can result in high blood pressure and heart disease.
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