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Skin Damaging Habits

5 Skin Damaging Habits

These are the 5 skin-damaging habits that can ruin your skin and need to be stopped at once;

1. Popping Pimples Bad for Skin

Picking, popping, or squeezing pimples will cause them to become red and inflamed. These are the things that harm your skin– and the oil on your fingers will worsen them. 

2. Salon Tanning Causes Damage To The Skin

No matter what kind of UV rays you expose yourself to, you are damaging your skin. Tanning beds and booths emit UV light just like the sun which can burn, and cause premature aging, cancer, and sunspots. 

3. Shaving With 4 Blade Razors Also Causes Damage To The Skin 

If you have acne or bumpy skin, getting the closest shave isn’t for you. They may have to promote commercials, but these razors end up shaving off more than they should – including layers of skin. To prevent further damage to the skin and irritation, avoid the razors that give you “the closest shave.” 

4. Does Smoking Ruin your Skin? 

Skin-damaging habits like smoking have more risks that lung cancer and heart disease. Over time, nicotine will start to cause the blood vessels in your skin to contract, preventing oxygen flow throughout skin cells. Keep smoking and one day you’ll end up with saggy, possibly yellow-Ish skin – quit smoking and you may save your skin. 

5. Too much Vitamin A Causes Skin Damage

Vitamin A is said to help with acne, however, too much of it can damage your skin and cause serious internal problems like severe liver damage. Be careful and take your vitamin A in the right doses. Pumpkin, carrots, and spinach are good sources of vitamin A, but don’t go crazy on the vitamins – try treating acne with oral Accutane – as prescribed by your doctor.

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