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Long-eared Owl is rarely seen during daylight.

Late Sleepers Productive Longer then Early Birds

A new study has shown that night owls (people not the birds) may have an advantage over those that are considered the early birds. First of all let me take a few seconds to enjoy this, as I myself am a night owl and would like to bask in the glory and true awesomeness of having some sort of advantage over those people that wake early and try to sieze the day. Well that felt pretty good to get that off my chest. Anyway where was I? Oh yes, awesomeness and how I along with my night owl bretheren possess it.

To carry on, a study was done where two groups of people had their brain waves monitored and reaction test taken two times during the day. The first group was the “early birds” most woke up at 7am, eww morning time with a single digit. And the second and obviously far superior group was the “night owls” who woke at around 11am.

Both groups received reaction tests and fMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) 90 minutes after waking up and 10.5 hours after waking up. During the first tests at 90 minutes post-wake up both groups scored aboutu the same. However, at the 10.5 hours post-wake up tests the night owl group scored significantly better. The night owl group also showed that their brain waves were more active and could be more productive at later times unlike the early birds.

Although he early birds showed that they could recover from tiredness (sleep pressure) quicker than Night owls.

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