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medical emergency tips

Common Medical Emergency Tips

Many people have very different ideas about what to do in certain medical emergencies and even household accidents. The problem with this is some things can increase the chance of permanent or serious injury. Below are some tips on what to do in a medical emergency, and also dos and don’ts.

Tips on Dealing with Medical Emergencies


If someone is having a seizure make sure to call 911 and try to roll them on their side. Do not try to pry their mouth open or move them, unless they are in an unsafe location. If the person suffers from epilepsy, only call 911 if the seizure lasts more than 5 minutes.

Spraining Your Ankle

If you sprain your ankle, you should use ice, as this will help reduce swelling. Do not heat your ankle. Heat actually makes the injury worse and may cause it to take longer to heal. Normally a sprained ankle does not require medical attention, but if you experience significant pain and are unable to put pressure on your foot, consider seeking medical attention.

Nose Bleed

When it comes to nose bleeds, many people have many different ideas on how to handle the situation. My grandmother still refuses to admit that there is a better way than the one she used back in the “old country.” The proper treatment is to lean forward and pinch your nose shut, just underneath the bone. You shouldn’t lean back as this can be dangerous in severe nose bleeds. If the bleeding lasts more than 5 minutes seek medical attention.


What to do if someone is choking depends greatly on the situation. If the person is coughing and still able to talk let them continue coughing. Coughing and talking is a signs that the airway is still partially open. Don’t touch the person or give them food or anything to drink, as it may cause the object to completely block the airway. If the person is not making any sounds or is turning blue you must act. Call 911, and begin the Heimlich maneuver. This will hopefully force the obstruction out.


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