How To Get Paper Prescriptions From Your Doctor

September 6, 2016 | by DoctorSolve

The use of e-prescriptions (electronic prescriptions) is on the rise as more states are making an effort to replace the written prescription system.  In states such as Minnesota, Florida and New York, state law makes it mandatory to use e-prescription.

The original e-prescription laws intended to cut down on improper dispensing of controlled substances, but are now expanded to all prescriptions.  E-prescribing reduces medication errors resulting from unclear writing, reduces prescription theft, and cuts down on forgery.  However, there is a side effect for patients.

For patients who are cost-sensitive, it is a necessity to have a prescription on hand to shop around for the best deals at local pharmacies or international online pharmacies.  How do you get paper prescriptions?  The simplest way is to know the laws around e-prescription.

The rules, for example, in New York (where e-prescribing became mandatory on March 27, 2016) provide exceptions to allow written prescriptions. One of these is when the prescription is “to be dispensed by a pharmacy located outside the state”. Therefore, in New York, a doctor can still legally hand you a prescription if you intend to have it filled outside of New York. (You can read this for yourself in paragraph (c)(5) of Title 10 NYCRR Section 80.64).


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