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Easy Ways to Whiten Teeth at Home

White teeth are something everyone craves but are difficult to get. You may care for your teeth, brush them 3 times a day, use mouthwash, and floss, but you can still have yellowed teeth. Teeth do have a natural yellow tint because of calcium, but there are ways to naturally whiten teeth. Below sharing some of the easy teeth whitening tips that are worth checkout.

How to Get White Teeth Naturally with Baking Soda?

Use baking soda in addition to toothpaste or gargle with a baking soda and water mixture. Baking soda is good for many other cleaning processes. It can also be used as a deodorant, used to put out fires, and used to heal sores or bug bites quicker.

Natural Way to Brighten Your Teeth with Lemon Juice

Lemons are naturally acidic and can be used to remove stains and whiten your enamel. Do not use lemon juice daily as it may damage your enamel. It is recommended to use lemon juice mixed with baking soda as a once-a-week whitening treatment. This treatment may take up to 2 months to show results and it’s one of the best natural ways to brighten your teeth.

Easy Ways To Whiten Teeth with Peroxide

Numerous teeth whitening products have peroxide as an ingredient. Diluting peroxide with water and rinsing your mouth with this solution will keep your mouth clean, and your breath fresh, and naturally whiten your teeth. You may experience a burning sensation in your gums, but you will have cleaner teeth. Do not swallow this solution. Another option is to dip a Q-tip or cotton swab in the diluted peroxide and rub your teeth with it.

Other easy ways to whiten teeth include making a paste from strawberries and brushing your teeth with the mixture, brushing with wood ash, or making your own toothpaste from a mixture of the above ingredients.


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