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We're Not Built To Last

For some reason the idea of prolonging life has been fascinating to humans since very early on in our history. Ancient Chinese herbalists attempted to extend their lives and were even rumored to have lived for hundreds of years. Yet, even now we see many of these different ways to “avoid” growing old. Some people simply see aging as an appearance obstacle and purchase all these wrinkle creams in hopes that they can look youthful forever. Others try some of the most ludicrous things in attempts to prolong their lives for as long as possible.
My opinion on the matter of extending life is perhaps best told in the words of another. Sara Myers from the Silverplanet blog wrote, “I understand wanting to live a healthier, happier, more meaningful life, but living to 125 or 150, just for the sake of living long, doesn’t make sense to me.”
The one thing I have always wondered is why? Why does someone want to live for 150 years, or 200 years, or forever. Living forever really isn’t as appealing once you really think it through. Just because you can live that long doesn’t mean you won’t stop aging. Prolonging your life just means your body has more time to degrade and slowly die.
However, living forever without aging is much worse. Why? Well, could you imagine what your life would be like. You will have to watch everyone you love, have loved, or will love die as you continue to go on forever, unchanged by time. If you are religious and believe in some sort of heaven, paradise, or rebirth, you will quickly realize that none of that is achievable. You will see wars lost and won, creation and destruction, possibly the end of the human race. You won’t ever really be able to make a significant connection with anyone else because for you they will come and go and be forgotten. I don’t really think it is worth it.
Why can’t we just try to live however long we have to its fullest instead of just trying to live long just so we can say we have? Maybe we’re scared of the unknown or unsure of where we’ll go. Either way I’m going to take my chances and accept the fact that we’re not built to last.
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