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Senior Couple

Unfortunately Aging Is Not Always Beautiful

Aging isn’t always as beautiful or graceful as many would wish. In fact there are many difficulties seniors have to deal with and many challenges they must face. Many of these difficulties have severe effects on the brain. Unfortunately many of these cannot be “cured” and drastically change the person it appears in and that persons’ family. Some of these illnesses include Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s.
Alzheimer’s disease affects the way a person thinks, behaves, and even their emotions and physical functions. Alzheimer’s changes a person’s ability to understand, think, remember and communicate will be affected. Simple tasks that have been performed for years will become more difficult or be forgotten. Confusion and memory loss occur, initially for recent events and eventually for long-term events, will occur. The ability to find the right words and follow a conversation will be affected. A person may appear uninterested and apathetic, and may quickly lose interest in the hobbies they previously enjoyed. Repeating the same action or words, hiding possessions, physical outbursts, and restlessness are also caused by Alzheimer’s.
Parkinson’s disease is a disorder caused by the gradual loss of cells in a small part of the brain. The loss of these cells results in a reduction of a vital chemical called “dopamine,” which causes symptoms such as, shaking of the hands, slowing down of movement, stiffness, and loss of balance. Other symptoms are loss of facial expression, reduction in speech volume and clarity, difficulty swallowing, change in size of handwriting, dry skin, constipation, urinary difficulties, and depression. Because Parkinson’s disease is a progressive disorder, these symptoms worsen with time.
To help prevent fading memory, try these 20 ways to boost memory
“1. Take the stairs 2. Change your wallpaper 3. Steal some zzz’s by daylight 4. Take a mental “photograph” 5. Eat less 6. Try a “brain-training” game — or join a “brain gym” 7. Spend some time online 8. Stop and sip a cuppa 9. See a doctor if you feel depressed 10. Take the “multi” out of your tasking 11. Keep your blood sugar under control 12. Waggle your eyes back and forth 13. Eat your green vegetables 14. Don’t ignore sleep apnea 15. Learn something new that’s a real departure for you 16. Quit smoking 17. Eat some chocolate! 18. Put everything in its place 19. Don’t retire 20. Throw a party”– “20 Easy Ways to Boost Your Memory” from Silverinnings –Blog for Senior Citizens
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