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New App for Doctors Released for iPhone

When they say the iPhone has an application for pretty much everything, they really mean pretty much everything. A new iPhone app was just recently released for doctors. The app allows a doctor to stream a patient’s electrocardiogram readings over 3G. Additionally, the program allows the doctor to zoom in and replay events.

An electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) is the recording of the electrical activity of the heart over time via skin electrodes. The ECG allows doctors to measure the rate and regularity of heartbeats as well as the size and position of the chambers, the presence of any damage to the heart, and the effects of drugs or devices used to regulate the heart. Additionally, the procedure is noninvasive, and only requires electrodes to be attached to the body. An ECG is painless. When first applied, the disks may be cold and in rare circumstances, you may develop a localized rash or irritation where the patches are placed.

This app could mean huge things for a doctor/patient relationship. It allows the doctor to constantly monitor his or her patient, even from the comfort of home. Furthermore, not only does this add even greater supervision to the patient’s health, but the patient would have that extra piece of mind, knowing their doctor always has an eye on them.

Whether or not this app will be a success or a flop will have to wait. However, the value of this app cannot be overlooked. It is an invaluable tool for doctors and is, yet another advancement in medicine all thanks to technology. However, if this app did not sell, it would be an unfortunate opportunity missed by the world of medicine. I do hope that this product is recognized by the medical world and all the advantages of having such an application can be fully used.


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