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Food For Thought

If you have a job, which you most likely do since you have access to a computer to read this, you are quite likely required to think. What you eat and drink in your day is 100 % related to your work or school performance. It is important to have a healthy diet to keep your brain working; it is also possible to feed your brain with the best foods to further increase its activity and better its performance.

1. Eat fish – Is this why people stereotype Asian people as smart? Maybe. Fish have choline and omega-3 fatty acids. Both of these improve your brains activities. A test was done on baby rats by giving them a dose of choline. When given to young rats, the results were lifelong memory enhancement. In a human experiment, pregnant women were given cod liver oil or corn oil through their pregnancies. Because of the omega-3 fatty acids (which were in the cod liver oil but not the corn oil) the children given the cod liver oil had a considerably higher IQ score at the age of four.

2. Stop with the Carbs – Although you do need carbohydrates on a daily basis, people are getting more than enough already. When we eat too many carbs our bodies will shut down and we will become tired. This makes it difficult to concentrate. Fruits and vegetables are a better option than bread and pastas.

3. Caffeine – Do you need caffeine to stay awake? Don’t become addicted. Caffeine can help your brain function more quickly and efficiently, but you should not need to rely on caffeine on a daily basis. Once you have become addicted to caffeine, your brain will function less than normal until you have had your caffeine intake. This is unhealthy.

4. Eat a balanced breakfast – How can your brain function without food? Can you imagine yourself turning on a flashlight that doesn’t have batteries in it? It will not work because it has no power source. Food is your batteries. Try and get at least 3 food groups into your breakfast. An ideal breakfast would be granola cereal, yogurt, and an apple.

Thinking requires quite a specific diet. Eating lots of protein, as well as drinking lots and lots of water, and filling up on fiber will guarantee you a more efficient brain.

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