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big belly is a common male health problem

5 Common Male Health Problems That Should Not Be Overlooked

Well, let us get straight to the point here, men are stubborn.

It is hard for some of us to admit it, but it is very true. Men tend to avoid going to the doctor even if they experience common male health problems…well let’s say some sort of discomfort or irregularity.

Women on the other hand tend to go to the doctor as soon as they get something like a headache or a stomachache, well maybe not exactly like that, but they tend to visit the doctor if they notice something that is irregular and could pose a health threat.


Men tend to avoid going to the doctor even if they experience common male health problems.

Men don’t really like going to the hospital very much and tend to put off some very troubling warning signs.

The problem is the more macho you are (or the more macho you act) the less likely you are to go to the hospital.

However, men’s health symptoms and signs can be dangerous even fatal in some cases.

Chest pain is one of the most common male health concerns

Well, this would seem like an obvious sign that basically comes out with a baseball bat and hits you saying,



However, the truth of the matter is that any men decide to just ignore it.

Chest pain can be a sign of heart attack so next time you should probably get it checked out.

A big belly is another common male health problem

It is true that when men get in relationships and/or get married they tend to put on a few pounds, but a big belly may be a sign of something else.

Belly fat could indicate that a man has low testosterone levels, and low testosterone can increase the risk of diabetes and coronary artery disease.

An Unenthusiastic Penis 

An unenthusiastic penis is a common male problem affecting nearly 40% of 40 year old’s in US.

Yes, impotence can just be purely psychological, but it also could be a sign that a man has cardiovascular disease.

If the arteries that supply blood to the penis aren’t working properly, those that supply blood to the heart and brain might not be working so well either.

Men that have erectile dysfunction should try to talk to their doctors about more than getting that little blue pill.

Frequent urination is definitely a men’s health symptom

Men’s health symptoms of frequent urination may be a sign of prostatitis or inflammation of the prostate gland.

If you get up in the middle of the night to urinate significantly more than once, you might want to tell your doctor about it.

Prescription drug addiction

Men’s health symptoms diagnosis may reveal that they are addicted to prescription drugs without even realizing that they are addicted, and once you get addicted, it is probably a pretty good indicator that you should stop.

Addiction to anything can be severe, but when you start popping Vicoden like Pez from a Pez dispenser (Much like Dr. House from the television show that shares the same name), you should hopefully know you’ve got a problem.


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