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(Tobramycin/ Loteprednol etabonate)

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Formulation : Eye drops suspension
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Zylet Description 

Zylet (ophthalmic suspension) is a prescription eye drop that is used to treat pink eye, a condition that is also known as conjunctivitis.

Zylet Uses 

  • Zylet eye drops include a combination of loteprednol and tobramycin.
  • A steroid is loteprednol. It stops the body from releasing chemicals that lead to inflammation. An antibiotic that fights bacteria is called tobramycin.
  • When used together, these two medications work to clear up the symptoms of pink eye quickly.
  • Eye inflammation brought on by surgery, infection, allergies, and other disorders is treated with Zylet eye drops.

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Brand Name:


Generic name:

Tobramycin/ Loteprednol etabonate

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Quantities Available:

5mL, 10mL


Eye drops suspension

Warning & Dosage

Zylet Dosage and Directions 

Follow your doctor’s instructions for using Zylet eye drops exactly. Observe every instruction on the prescription drug label. Your doctor may occasionally adjust your dose to ensure you experience the optimum results. Use of this medication outside of the specified range or for longer than advised is not recommended. 

Use of this medication while wearing contact lenses is not advised. A preservative in this medication has the potential to tarnish soft contact lenses. After taking this medication, wait at least 15 minutes before inserting your contact lenses. 

Just before each usage, thoroughly shake the eye drops. 

Use eyedrops after washing your hands.

How to Use Eye Drops: 

  • To make a tiny pocket, tilt your head back a little and draw down your lower eyelid. Tip down, and hold the dropper over your eye. Squeeze out the drop as you look up and move away from the dropper.
  • Without blinking or squinting, close your eyes for two to three minutes with your head leaned down. To prevent the liquid from draining into your tear duct, gently press your finger to the inside corner of your eye for about a minute.
  • Utilize only the quantity of drops that your doctor has advised. Wait around 5 minutes between drops if you use more than one.
  • Before using any other eye drops that your doctor may have advised, wait at least 10 minutes.

Avoid putting the eye dropper’s tip in your eye or touching it. Your eye could become infected with a contaminated dropper, which could cause major visual issues. 

Do not use the eyedrop if the liquid has changed colors or contains particles.   

Use this medication as directed for the entire duration. Your symptoms may become better before the virus is gone. By skipping doses, you run the risk of developing an infection that is resistant to antibiotic treatment.

Cautions When Using Zylet 

As with any medication, there are some precautions that should be taken before using Zylet. 

  • First, it is important to tell your doctor about any other medications you are taking, including over-the-counter drugs and supplements.
  • You should also inform your doctor if you have any allergies or other medical conditions.
  • It is important not to use Zylet if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, as the drug’s safety has not been established in these populations.
  • Finally, be sure to follow the instructions provided by your doctor regarding how and when to take Zylet.

Side Effects

Zylet Side Effects: 

Zylet may cause some of these side effects, headache, eye irritation, and vision changes. 

In rare cases, Zylet may also cause serious side effects such as long-term vision loss, seizures, and Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (a severe skin reaction). 

You should contact your doctor if you experience any of these side effects.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Where to buy Zylet? 

If you are looking for a place to buy Zylet, you can buy it from is a trusted online pharmacy that sells authentic prescription medications at affordable prices.

Is Zylet a steroid? 

Zylet is a steroid-antibiotic combination eye medication that is used to treat inflammation and pain after eye surgery. It is a combination of steroids, loteprednol, and the antibiotic tobramycin. It belongs to a category of medications called corticosteroids. It reduces pain and combats inflammation.

How long does it take Zylet to work? 

Regarding eye drops, how long it takes for them to work can vary depending on the person. In general, though, it usually takes a few days for Zylet to start working. That’s because the medication has to build up in your system to be effective.  

So, if you’re not seeing any improvement after a few days, be sure to talk to your doctor to see if there might be something else that would work better for you.

Do I need a prescription for Zylet? 

You need to have a prescription for Zylet when you buy this at your local drugstore or buy it online. Talk to your doctor to get a valid prescription. 

How much does Zylet cost in Canada? 

Zylet’s price may vary depending on the dosage. In Canada, the price for this drug is much lower than in the United States. 

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The information above for Zylet (Tobramycin/ Loteprednol etabonate) was provided to by third parties. In no way should this information substitute for the advice of a physician. Consult a doctor or qualified health care professional if you have any medical concerns.