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Inosine Pranobex

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Imunovir is a medication that contains the active ingredient inosine pranobex, which belongs to the group of antivirals.

Imunovir is indicated for mucocutaneous infections caused by the herpes simplex virus (type 1 and type II) and as adjunctive therapy for the treatment of genital warts.

Imunovir helps the body's immune system fight viral diseases and can act directly on the invading virus.

Imunovir has been shown to effectively alleviate immunodepression associated with various situations, such as cancer or its major treatment modalities (surgery, irradiation, or chemotherapy).


  • Take Imunovir exactly as prescribed by your healthcare provider. The dosage will vary depending on the condition you are being treated for.
  • Imunovir tablets can be taken with or without food.
  • If you have trouble swallowing the tablets whole, you can crush them and dissolve them in a small amount of liquid. Be sure to drink all of the liquid.
  • Tell your healthcare provider about all of the medications you are taking, including over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and herbal supplements. Imunovir can interact with other medications.
  • Let your healthcare provider know if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Imunovir is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.


  • Do not take more Imunovir than what is prescribed by your healthcare provider.
  • Do not stop taking Imunovir without first talking to your healthcare provider.
  • Do not take Imunovir if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the medication.
  • Do not drink alcohol while taking Imunovir. Alcohol can increase the risk of side effects from Imunovir.
  • Do not drive or operate machinery until you know how Imunovir affects you. Imunovir may cause dizziness or drowsiness.

Common Side Effects:

  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Skin reactions such as itching and rash
  • General feeling of being unwell
  • Dizziness or spinning sensation
  • Changes in liver function tests
  • Joint pain
  • Constipation
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Nervousness
  • Increased urine volume (polyuria)

Serious Side Effects

  • Allergic reactions: These may include difficulty in breathing or swallowing, swelling of the face, lips, throat, or tongue, skin rashes, large or itchy wheals on the skin, attacks of sneezing, runny nose, and itching eyes.
  • Severe abdominal pain or discomfort
  • Severe dizziness or fainting
  • Severe or persistent nausea or vomiting
  • Signs of liver problems, such as yellowing of the skin or eyes, dark urine, or persistent fatigue
  • Signs of kidney problems, such as changes in urine output or color, swelling of the feet or ankles, or persistent fatigue

This is not an exhaustive list, and other side effects may occur. If you experience any unusual or severe side effects while taking Imunovir, contact your healthcare provider for medical advice.

Imunovir should not be used by people who are hypersensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients of the drug.

Imunovir may cause a temporary increase in uric acid levels in the blood and urine, especially in men and older adults. This is because the body breaks down Imunovir into uric acid. People with gout or high uric acid levels should avoid taking Imunovir.

There is no sufficient data on the safety of Imunovir for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Consult with a healthcare provider before taking Imunovir if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

There is no information available on the safety and efficacy of Imunovir in children. Imunovir is not recommended for use in children.

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Inosine Pranobex

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Strength(s): 500mg
Quantities Available: 100


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