Preventing Bird Flu

November 29, 2005 | by DoctorSolve

According to newspapers and television programs, the threat of a global pandemic is becoming more and more real. While viruses like bird flu (also known as the avian flu, or the H5N1 virus) are real threats, they aren’t necessarily the disaster type movie scenarios you hear about day in and day out. Like any strain of the influenza virus, strengthening your immune system is very important in preventing the bird flu. Making sure you get enough sleep, eat healthy and exercise will help limit your risk of contracting ANY flu virus.

The following article outlines several antimicrobial and immune support protocols that will help prevent contracting influenza, or help your body during an outbreak. These supplements prevent all types of influenza, not just the bird flu.

One of the most successful natural immune stimulants is Beta glucan. Beta glucan is a complex carbohydrate with proven immune-boosting effects. By bonding to white blood cells at receptor sites and activating infection fighting activities, your body’s white blood cells attack any disease causing tissue.

After postmortem studies of avian flu victims, researchers observed sever pulmonary injuries. For that reason, it is crucial to guard against oxidant stress commonly attacks your lungs during the run of a flu infection. Tests show that using N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) is a successful defense against lung damage caused by viral infections. NAC is a precursor of the antioxidant glutathione and tests show that antioxidant therapy increases the survival rate by defending against viruses.

Standard practices still hold true. Increasing the amount of Vitamin C you ingest helps “supercharge” your white blood cells that fight against infections. If possible, alternating between oral and IV Vitamin C can increase the effectiveness.

Vitamin A is very helpful in fighting upper respiratory infection and increase immune support. Studies show that a decrease in Vitamin A has been linked to decreased immunity. Taking 150,000 units of Vitamin A daily for 5 days will improve your immunity and support lung health.

In addition to the aforementioned supplements, research shows that using a cool mist humidor filled with one bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide and two bottles of water can be very helpful in fighting pulmonary infections. The procedure creates a 1% aerosolized mist of the antimicrobial hydrogen peroxide.

Using these supplements and procedures will help you prevent and fight infections such as the bird flu and common influenza. Healthy living, proper diet, exercise and reducing stress are still the best ways help mitigate the risk of contracting bird flu, common influenza or any other virus.

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