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Ciloxan Eye Ointment

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Formulation : Opthalmic Eye Ointment
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Ciloxan Eye Ointment
Dosage: 0.30%
Quantity: 3.5g
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Ciloxan is an antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections in the eye. This medication may also be used to treat ulcers in the cornea.

Store this medication at room temperature in a cool, dry location.

Precaution: Medications that may cause drowsiness should be avoided while taking Drixoral as they may increase the lethargy you will experience with Drixoral. Also avoid taking diet, caffeine pills, and other stimulants as they may increase the severity of side effects. Do not combine this medication with other over-the-counter cold, allergy, or sleep medications without first consulting your doctor.

If you notice particles or a change in the color of Ciloxan, do not use it. Contact your doctor and request a new container. Because this medication may temporarily impair vision use caution when participating in activities such as driving or operating dangerous machinery until your vision has cleared completely.

Patient Family Information: Use this medication exactly as directed by your health care provider. If you have a corneal ulcer that you are treating with this medication you may have a white-colored buildup in your eye. This is a sign that the medication is working and should not be a concern for you. Use the instructions provided. Do not allow the dropper applicator tip to touch any surface of your eye.

Contraindication: If you have allergies to any ingredient of this medication or similar medications do not use them. Do not wear contact lenses until all your symptoms are gone in the infected eye. Do not mix this eye treatment with other eye related treatments unless you have been specifically directed to do so by a health care professional.

Sever Side Effects : Severe: severe swelling, itching, burning, redness, or discomfort in or around your eye; eye tenderness, changes in vision, amplified sensitivity to light; signs of new infection, a skin rash.

Common: slight itching, burning, redness, or irritation; blurred vision, dry or watery eyes; puffy eyelids; feeling like something is in your eye; a white-colored buildup in your eye; nausea, unpleasant taste in your mouth.

Other: None.

Ciloxan Eye Ointment | Ciprofloxacin | Ciloxan Eye Ointment | Ciloxan Eye Ointment

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Ciloxan Eye Ointment

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Ciloxan Eye Ointment



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Opthalmic Eye Ointment

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