Enzyme deficiency can be treated by pancreas
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Doctor Solve / enzyme deficiency  / Will Pancrease Treat My Enzyme Defficency?

Will Pancrease Treat My Enzyme Defficency?

Pancrease is used to help digestion for certain conditions in which the pancreas is not working properly and has an enzyme deficiency. Pancrease is a combination of three enzymes (proteins): lipase, protease, and amylase. These enzymes are produced by the pancreas and are important in the digestion of proteins, sugars and fats.

Pancrease is also used by people who have had gastrointestinal bypass surgery or the surgical removal of the pancreas. Pancrease can also be used for people with blockages in the common bile duct due to cancer, people with chronic inflammation of the pancreas, or people with cystic fibrosis.

What Happens If A Pancreatic Enzyme Deficiency Goes Untreated?

Pancreatic enzyme deficiency occurs when there is a lack of production of enzymes in the pancreas. The reduced enzyme production can lead to complications and issues relating to the break down of food in the gastrointestinal tract. These gastrointestinal tract issues can further lead to malnutrition.

Before taking pancrease, tell your doctor if you are allergic to pork proteins or to any other drugs, you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant or are breast-feeding a baby during treatment, you have a sudden onset of pancrease or you have worsening of chronic pancreatic disease. Tell your doctor about all your prescription and over-the-counter medications, vitamins, minerals and herbal products that you use.

What Should I Know Before Using Pancrease?

  • Pancrease is usually taken with meals.
  • Do not hold the tablets or capsule contents in your mouth. The medication may irritate the inside of your mouth.
  • Do not inhale the powder from a capsule or allow it to touch your skin. It may cause irritation.
  • Do not change brands of pancrease without first talking to your doctor.

What Are Side Effects of Pancrease?

  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Stomach pain or upset
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Greasy stools, rectal irritation
  • Bloating or gas
  • Skin rash or hives
  • Blood in urine; joint pain
  • Swelling of feet or lower legs
  • Shortness of breath; stuffy nose
  • Tightness in chest; troubled breathing; wheezing

This information is advisory only. It does not contain all information about this medication. If you have any questions about Pancrease, ask your doctor, pharmacist, or health care provider.

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