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Why You Should Drink Tap Water

Buying bottled water and water jugs will burn a hole in your pocket – the money saving solution? Tap water. Studies have shown that there is very little difference between tap water and bottled water.

“Bottled water may be no safer, or healthier, than tap water in many countries while selling for up to 1,000 times the price,” the World Wildlife Fund said.

Aside from the convenience and clear taste of bottled water, it actually may be MORE harmful to you than the water from your tap. The Environmental Protection agency requires that utility water must be tested over 100 times a month, whereas bottled water factories are only required to test their water once a week. Toxins, arsenic, microbes, and pollutants have been found in various plastic water bottle brands, and some bottles have also been known to leak plastic chemicals into the water within them.

Drinking tap water is better for the environment too. Think of all the plastic waste and toxic chemicals that bottled water companies pollute our environment with. Beverage companies spend over 17.6 million dollars in oil to produce the bottled water they manufacture, not including the cost of transport.

Bottled water isn’t all it’s cut out to be – beverage companies have also been known to take water from municipal or underground water sources that local people use. Up to 40% of the water in bottled water often comes from taps.

Before you buy a case of plastic water bottles – instead, consider buying a Brita filter for tap water. You’ll end up saving money, saving the environment, and living healthier.

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