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Imitrex for migraine headaches

What is a migraine and how does Imitrex help?

A migraine occurs when blood vessels on the surface of the brain expand, causing the area around them to become inflamed and irritate nerve endings. This expansion and irritation may account for the pain you experience during a migraine. It may also lead to nausea, sensitivity to light and sound, and other symptoms associated with migraine. Imitrex helps by targeting the nerves and blood vessels believed to cause the migraine.

What are the symptoms of a migraine?

Types of pain you may have:

  • Moderate to severe pain
  • Pulsating or throbbing pain
  • Worse pain on one side
  • Worse pain when you move

Symptoms you may have:

  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Sensitivity to light and sound

Other symptoms you may have:

  • Stuffy or runny nose and watery eyes
  • Dizziness
  • Mood changes
  • Tunnel vision or seeing “spots”
  • Pain or pressure in the face, eye area, or sinuses

Not everyone will experience all of these symptoms and they can vary from person to person.

Are there any triggers that set off a migraine?

Some triggers may include:

Food & food additives

    • Alcohol (especially red wine), caffeinated beverages, nuts, nitrite/nitrate-preserved foods (hot dogs, pepperoni), smoked or pickled foods.


    • Strong or glaring light. Flickering lights from TV or computer screen, strobe or laser lights, or reflections.


    • Intense, specific food odors, cigarette or other smoke, perfumes, cleaning products.


    • Migraine attacks often occur after stress -, especially on weekends and holidays. Many people mistake these as tension headaches.

Weather Changes

  • High humidity, atmospheric pressure changes, rapid temperature fluctuations, and exposure to extreme heat or cold may bring on migraine attacks. Many people mistake these for “sinus headaches”.

How is Imitrex available?

Imitrex is available in tablets, injection, and a nasal spray to suit your individual needs, as well as different migraine attacks. Imitrex is not habit-forming and does not cause drowsiness. Migraine pain can be relieved while you are active and alert.

Does Imitrex have any side effects?

Common side effects of Imitrex are tingling and warm/cold sensations with the tablets, a bad/unusual taste (nasal spray), and injection-site reactions, atypical sensations (such as feelings of tingling, warm/hot sensations), dizziness, and flushing (injection). Most side effects last for only a short time.

If side effects persist or worsen while taking Imitrex contact your doctor as soon as possible.


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