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Hangover Remedies Fact or Fiction

Consuming 8.5 ounces of an alcoholic drink will cause the body to force out 27 to 34 ounces of water. Hangovers are unpleasant. Many people have said things, like drinking in the morning or chugging fruit juice, will help prevent you feeling the symptoms of a hangover (or at least lessen the symptoms of the hangover) Some of these said remedies are true, and some are absolutely bogus.
1. Burnt toast – This is true! Carbon, found on burned toast, is like a sieve to the body; it strains out most bad substances. Carbon is better than some over the counter remedies, as they may (in some cases) attract congeners.
2. Black coffee – Coffee, jam-packed with caffeine, helps fight exhaustion (a symptom of most hangovers). Coffee is excellent in some ways and terrible in others. It helps rid of headaches associated with hangovers, but caffeine during a hangover, may make you urinate more often, and increase your dehydration. Also, as long as you have coffee in your system, you will be aware and awake, but when it wears off, you can be even more tired than you were initially.
3. Hair of the Dog – Drinking alcohol the morning after is not a good idea. It only will delay your hangover. Your liver is still sifting through toxins left from alcohol metabolism, so drinking more will worsen your hangover when your liver has to break down more alcohol and more toxins.
4. Fried Foods – This is not recommended. Fried foods will upset your stomach and it has already endured enough so do not put it through that as well. If you eat fried foods before consuming alcohol, this is okay; in fact, it may even be beneficial. This is because fatty foods stick to the stomach lining longer, slowing the alcohol absorption into the bloodstream.
5. Eggs – Eggs will give you a ton of energy, and they contain cysteine, which breaks down toxins which cause hangover symptoms.
There are other measures you can take when preventing hangovers. Things you can do before consuming alcohol include, drinking water before and throughout drinking, eating fruit, taking a vitamin B supplement, eating a ton before drinking. You can also rely on medications if nothing else works.
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