Fact or Myth: Common Hangover Cure Remedies

November 20, 2023 | by DoctorSolve

Ever had that moment when you wake up and think, “What on earth did I do last night?” Well, you’re not alone! Turns out, about 39 million adults in the USA drink a bit too hard. But don’t fret. This blog will tell you about hangover cures.

According to abc.ca.gov, drink 8.5 ounces of booze, and your body will push out 27 to 34 ounces of water. Absolutely, hangovers suck! Some people claim morning drinking or guzzling fruit juice are instant hangover cures.

But according to research, only a few fixes are legit while others are not. So, are you ready to separate fact from fiction? Let’s explore how to cure a hangover together.

Is Burnt Toast Good for a Hangover Cure?

According to WebMD, carbon present in burned toast acts like a sieve for your body. It filters out most harmful substances. Moreover, it’s superior to certain over-the-counter remedies. Such remedies could, in some instances, attract congeners.

Key Takeaway – Not proven as burnt toast might act like a filter, but no solid proof it helps hangovers.

Does Black Coffee Cure a Hangover?

Research conducted by the American Chemical Society says black coffee might be the best thing for hangovers. It’s loaded with caffeine, a quick fix for those headaches associated with hangovers.

But watch out for the flip side. While it kicks headaches to the curb, the caffeine might amp up your bathroom visits. It leaves you even more dehydrated.

Though when it wears off, be ready for a crash — you might end up more tired than before. It’s a quick energy boost, a short-term solution to shake off the morning-after fog. Just be aware of the trade-offs as you reach for that cup of joe.

Key Takeaway – Black coffee helps hangover headaches with caffeine. However, you might end up dehydrated.

Does Drinking More Alcohol Help a Hangover?

Drinking alcohol, the morning after is not a good idea. According to Annals of Internal Medicine’s research, it only will delay your hangover. Think of it like your liver is still dealing with toxins from yesterday’s drinking. Adding more alcohol just makes your hangover worse by giving your liver more to process.

Key Takeaway – Drinking more alcohol, the morning after worsens hangover. It delays recovery by burdening the liver.

Is Fried Food Good for a Hangover Cure?

Research points to how you should not have fried foods to cure a hangover. Your stomach has been through enough, so don’t upset it more. If you eat fried foods before drinking, that’s okay. They can help by slowing alcohol absorption. This is because fatty foods stick to the stomach lining longer. So, stick to foods that won’t bother your stomach.

Key Takeaway – Avoid fried foods for hangover cure; they upset the stomach. Pre-drinking, they slow absorption.

Are Eggs Good for Hangovers Prevention?

The Achilles Healers Sports Therapy says consider eggs for hangover prevention. They provide energy and contain cysteine, breaking down toxins and causing hangover symptoms. Scientifically, some studies also suggest that cysteine may help reduce hangover effects.

Key Takeaway – Eggs helps in hangover prevention with energy and cysteine. It potentially reduces hangover symptoms.

Consider Vitamin B for Hangover Relief

Vitamin B could be your fast hangover cure as per the American Chemical Society. It is because B-complex vitamins help your body break down alcohol faster. Think of it as your body’s superhero, swooping in to save the day! Look for B-vitamin-packed goodies like eggs, whole grains, and leafy greens. But for a quick fix, consider supplements or fortified drinks.

Key Takeaway – Vitamin B helps beat hangovers by breaking down alcohol faster. Get it from eggs, grains, or supplements.

Cure Your Hangover by Sweating It Out

Based on research, that is possible. When you hit the gym or go for a run, your body sweats out those nasty toxins. This way it gives you a one-way ticket to hangover relief.

Exercise increases blood flow, helping your liver break down alcohol faster. Plus, sweating expels those alcohol byproducts through your skin. It’s like a mini-detox session, and you’re the star! So, lace up those sneakers or roll out your yoga mat. Opt for cardio to get that heart pumping and toxins moving.

Key Takeaway – Beat a hangover by exercising. Sweat helps remove toxins, boosts blood flow, and speeds recovery.

Turn To Herbal Remedies

Yes, herbal remedies are here to rescue you from that hangover haze. First things first, gulp down some water. Then, grab yourself some herbal teas like ginger or peppermint. You can try milk thistle as well as it’s good for your liver.

What else? Toss some turmeric into your morning blend; it’s an anti-inflammatory dynamo. Studies hint that these remedies might be the best thing for hangover.

Key Takeaway  – Herbal remedies like ginger tea and turmeric may ease hangovers, hydrate and support the liver.

Drink the Hair of the Dog That Bit You

Ever wondered if that age-old saying, “Drink the hair of the dog that bit you,” holds any truth? Hangovers can be brutal, and this remedy exists through generations. But is it a myth, or could it be your hangover’s unexpected savior?

Here’s how it goes: grab the same drink that contributed to your hangover. Take a sip or two and brace yourself for the potential relief. Some suggest it helps ease symptoms, but remember, it’s not a guaranteed cure. If you’re curious, give it a shot, but tread lightly.

Key Takeaway – Try drinking a bit of what caused your hangover for potential relief, but it’s not guaranteed.

Easing Hangovers with a Good Night’s Sleep

Findings at the National Library of Medicine say quality sleep also cures a hangover. When you’re sleeping, your body gets to work repairing the damage of alcohol. Sleep helps regulate hormones & restores energy levels. It further gives your brain the TLC it needs. So, next time you’re feeling the aftermath of a good time, consider a cozy nap as your go-to hangover relief.

Key Takeaway – Quality sleep aids hangover recovery. It repairs the body, regulates hormones, and restores energy levels.

Hangover Relief by Throwing Up

Sometimes, your body signals for a reset, and that reset button might be a visit to the porcelain throne. While it’s not the most suitable solution, vomiting can actually be a natural cure as per some studies. It helps your body to rid itself of the toxins causing that pounding headache. It’s like a reboot for your system.

Yet, it’s crucial to note that this isn’t a one-size-fits-all remedy, and it’s not a green light to binge drink. Listen to your body, and if this feels like the right course of action, go ahead.

Key Takeaway – Vomiting may offer natural hangover relief by clearing toxins, but it’s not universal advice.

Bottom Line

You now have the lowdown on instant hangover cures—separating fact from fiction. Remember, moderation is key when indulging in the spirited side of life. But if, by chance, you find yourself on the flip side of a wild night out, the remedies we explored may come to your rescue.

In any case, if nothing works, you can look forward to medications as well. Cheers to enjoying the good times responsibly, and here’s to waking up feeling fresh and ready for a brand-new day!


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