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How To Determine If An Online Pharmacy Is Trustworthy

It can be a challenge to figure out where to find the best value on prescription drugs while ensuring that your health is not compromised.  Canadian online pharmacies are a readily-available and easy-to-use method for saving on expensive prescription medications.  However, the dangers of purchasing online pharmacies are well documented. There are a large number of illegitimate online pharmacies that sell drugs that may have dangerous ingredients or inaccurate dosages, which poses a worrisome health risk. Only an estimated 4% of online pharmacies meet US federal and state laws.  How can you determine which online pharmacies are trustworthy?

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and National Association of Board of Pharmacy (NABP) are two dependable sources of information and they are focused on protecting you from online pharmacy fraud.  The NABP offer a VIPPS certification only for online pharmacies based in the United States.  Both organizations take a commendable approach by recommending consumers not to purchase online drugs from Canada in fear of the large amount of fraudulent websites, enabling both to focus on companies inside the United States.

How is different from rogue online pharmacies?

pharmacy worker talking by phone and typing and computer keyboardWe are a part of the 4% of legitimate online pharmacies. is a prescription referral service that contracts with licensed Canadian and international pharmacies and dispensaries.  We undergo rigorous inspection for professional standards in Canada.

The NABP works to legitimize American online pharmacies and takes a broad spectrum approach towards Canadian online pharmacies, grouping them all together as fraudulent in the interest of public safety.  Their form of approval is in a VIPPS certification that can only be attained by American online pharmacies. is headquartered in Canada, so geography is the barrier for our VIPPS certification.

Instead, we obtained a Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) and certification.  Both organizations are independent third-parties who verify online pharmacies and ensure safety by:

  • Guaranteeing the pharmacy is licensed
  • Checking that the pharmacy requires prescription for prescription drugs
  • Confirming contact information (including a mailing address)
  • Checking that the privacy policies protect personal information
  • Ensuring that the pharmacy encrypts personal data
  • Careful monitoring of the business and annual inspections of facilities to ensure compliance
  • Ensuring the pharmacy does not distribute narcotics or controlled substances
  • Ensuring that a licensed pharmacist is on staff for patient consultations

You will notice that the FDA and NABP verification requirement criteria are almost identical to the ones for the and CIPA seals.  If there are any questions about our pharmacy, we would be happy speak to you at 1-866-732-0305.

Is purchasing from Canadian online pharmacies right for me?

American online pharmacies are unable to offer the same savings that are offered at Canadian online pharmacies.  Price control and bargaining power are two huge reasons why medication in the United is noticeably more expensive than medication in other countries.  In international countries like Canada, it is also illegal for drug companies to perform direct-to-consumer advertising, which removes the extra advertising costs on end users.  For legitimate online pharmacies, these are the factors that allow the savings to be passed onto the consumers.

However, purchasing prescription drugs online may not be the right option for everybody.
It is illegal to ship narcotics and controlled substances into the United States. will not ship narcotics and controlled substances; prescription discount cards used at brick-and-mortar pharmacies are your best option to obtain these drugs.

Your medication will come from international sources and will have to go through the American border, which leads to longer shipping times.  For people who require their medication immediately, it is recommended to purchase from your local pharmacy and order online for future needs.
Education is key to protecting your health and saving on medication. Talk to your doctor to see if the option of purchasing your medication online would be suitable for you.

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