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Can Glumetza Help Treat My Type 2 Diabetes?

Glumetza is used to treat Type 2 diabetes (mellitus); it is an oral anti-diabetic medicine classified as a sulfonylurea. Glumetza combined with insulin helps to lower blood sugar when it is too high and improves the conversion of food to energy in the body.

How will Glumetza Help Me?

Those who have Type 2 diabetes are not able to generate the proper amount of insulin in their body and they do not respond properly to the insulin that their bodies naturally produce. Glumetza will help to control the blod sugar in yoru body by helping insulin to be more effective, lowering the amount of sugura your liver makes and reducing the amount of suguar yoru intestines absorb.

Before using, tell your doctor if you have allergic reaction to Glumetza or to any other substances, such as foods, preservatives, or dyes, if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant or are breast feeding a baby, Use with caution in children and older age adults.

Do not use Glumetza if you have these medical problems:

Acid in the blood, Burns, Dehydration, Diarrhea, Female hormone changes for some women, Fever, high Infection, Injury, Ketones in the urine, Mental stress, Overactive adrenal gland, Problems with intestines, Slow stomach emptying, Surgery, Vomiting, Any other condition that causes problems with eating or absorbing food or any other condition in which blood sugar changes rapidly, Heart or blood vessel disorders, Kidney disease or kidney problems, Liver disease, Overactive thyroid, Under active thyroid, Under active adrenal gland, Under active pituitary gland, Undernourished condition, Weakened physical condition, any other condition that causes low blood sugar.

What Should I know Before taking Glumetza?

  • Glumetza does not help patients who are insulin-dependent or have Type 1 diabetes.
  • You must stop taking Glumetza if you are unable to lower your blood sugar.
  • You must follow a planned diet and exercise if you have diabetes and while using Glumetza.
  • You must regularly have blood testst.
  • Tell your doctor if you have less urine output than usual or severe diarrhea that lasts for more than 1 day.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol; it may cause very low blood sugar.
  • Do not take nonprescription medicines such as aspirin, and medicines for appetite control, asthma, colds, cough, hay fever, or sinus problems.
  • Carry a recent prescription and your medical history while you travel and make allowances for changing time zones, but keep your meal times as close as in your on a regular schedule.

What Are the Side Effects of Glumetza?

Common Side effects:
Loss of appetite; metallic taste in mouth; passing of gas; stomachache; vomiting; weight loss

Rare Side effects:
Lactic acidosis (quick and severe), including diarrhea, fast shallow breathing, muscle pain or cramping, unusual sleepiness, unusual tiredness or weakness
Low blood sugar (mild), including anxious feeling, behavior change similar to being drunk, blurred vision, cold sweats, confusion, cool pale skin, difficulty in concentrating, drowsiness, excessive hunger, fast heartbeat, headache, nausea, nervousness, nightmares, restless sleep, shakiness, slurred speech.

This information is advisory only. It does not contain all information about this drug. If you have any questions about Glumetza , ask your doctor, pharmacist, or health care provider.

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