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A Quick Guide to Flea Control

When your pet has fleas, it’s hard not to rush out and buy the best flea medications and chemicals to smother your pet with; however when it comes to treating fleas, a plan must be developed to make sure your pet is unharmed and happy.
– Try to limit the number of chemical treatments that you use on your pet. The chemicals can cause irritation and damage to your pet’s skin. It’s okay to use one or two treatments, but using many at once can harm your pet.
– Before using store-bought chemical treatments, minimize the amount of fleas that your pet has. Fleas cannot survive in water, so bathing your pet is a good place to start. Although it will not eliminate all of the fleas, it will reduce the number.
– Fleas can also be brushed out with a fine tooth comb, but there is no saying whether or not they will jump right back on your pet.
– A chemical treatment is necessary to get rid of the eggs laid by the adult fleas. Flea collars, powder baths, and other medicines are available to help free and prevent your pet from fleas and their eggs.
– Fleas cause discomfort for you and your pet. If your pet is having a hard time dealing with flea bites, try using Advantage or Frontline Plus flea treatments. These treatments help provide relief from fleas quickly and efficiently, help kill the larvae living on your pet, and are safe medicines for animals.
– Regular vacuuming is necessary when your pet has fleas. This will eliminate the fleas around the house that will affect you too. Remember to wash your sheets and blankets regularly as well.
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