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6 Foods that Improve Your Sex Drive

1. Dark Chocolate

1. Enjoy food sexuality with the great taste of Dark Chocolate – Food sex ideas – Eating Dark Chocolate is a great way to help your body release feel-good hormones which are released during sex and physical activity. Cocoa itself is a stimulant which makes the skin more sensitive to touch. Be careful – researchers found that cocoa stimulates the same brain centers as cocaine, but having too much will reverse the effects. Stay away from white chocolate and eat small amounts of dark chocolate which is packed with more cocoa.


2. Steak

It’s not only good protein but its also food sexy – Great taste of Steak
Food sexuality – The protein in Sirloin steak will boost the body’s energy levels and heighten the body’s sensitivity levels giving you a more effective alternative to caffeine and sugar – which lower the testosterone levels in the body.
3. Chilli Peppers  Would you like to spice of your sex life? Try some food sex ideas, try Chilli Peppers!
Caliente Chilli Peppers will cause the heart to speed up and the skin to flush with blood. Chilli peppers help the flow of blood throughout the body raising your excitement levels. Talk about – fast food sex

4. Blueberries

Some fruits make everything fun and sexy – try some fast food sex. Experiment with Blueberries. Blueberries are a natural version of Viagra. They also help remove excess cholesterol from the blood reducing the cholesterol levels being absorbed into the arteries – a great way to keep the circulatory system healthy and flowing smoothly. Just another thought for food sexuality

5. Vanilla Ice Cream

Try something everyone loves, Indulge in Messy food sex such as Vanilla Ice Cream. Half a cup of vanilla ice cream has the ability to increase your muscles ability to reserve energy which will boost your libido. The muscles in the sexual response system rely on calcium to fully operate. The calcium in the milk will help you feel fully charged. Fast food sex – another reason to have Vanilla Ice Cream

6. A Glass of Wine

Food for thought – Excellent food sex ideas, experiment with A Glass of Wine. Food sexuality – It’s true that a glass of wine will help you relax at the end of the day. Alcohol acts as a depressantin the brain which will lower your inhibition to restrain arousal and one glass of wine will cause the blood vessels to relax. Any more than two glasses of wine will reverse the effects.

So now that you have learned what could improve your sex life, it’s now time to take action and to show your significant other what you’re made of. So go ahead and have some soul food sex such as a glass of wine, have a bowl of vanilla ice cream or indulge in sexy blueberries or Red Hot Chilli Peppers. For more information about foods that stimulate your arousal, click here!
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