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5 Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

You’ve probably already heard of chocolate improving the mood, but there are more health benefits to chocolate that you may be unaware of. Before you go raiding the candy jar, keep in mind that these health benefits pertain to DARK CHOCOLATE only. That is anything with a cocoa content over 65%. Milk chocolate is probably what you are used to, but if you are interested in eating healthy it might be a good idea to give dark chocolate a try.
1. Good for the Heart – Due to the presence of antioxidants in dark chocolate, studies have found that in individuals with high blood pressure, a stick of dark chocolate a day can lower blood pressure levels. In addition, dark chocolate has been known to lower cholesterol levels by up to 10%.
2. Improves Mood – Dark chocolate stimulates endorphin production which in turn provides the brain with feelings of pleasure. A substance called theobromine which provides you with caffeine-like stimulation is also present in dark chocolate. Dark chocolate contains serotonin which is known to act as an anti-depressant.
3. Low fat – Unlike milk chocolate or white chocolate, dark chocolate contains very little fat that will affect your cholesterol. Of the small amount of fat in dark chocolate, 1/3 of the fats are actually good fats which are healthy for the body. The remaining 2/3rds are made up of neutral fat, and saturated fat.
4. Stress Reducer – A study found that eating an ounce of dark chocolate a day for two weeks drastically reduced stress levels in the bodies of people who were feeling highly stressed.
5. Stabilizer – Not only does dark chocolate regulate and stabilize the mood, but it’s also been found to help regulate the body’s metabolism

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