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Stopping Negative Health Effects

If you ever disregarded health talk on the dangers of things like tanning, junk food, and other luxuries it is time to listen and learn how to stop the negative impact these things have on your health.

Tanning – Every summer you go outside and frolic in the water, spend time at the beach, and forget to bring your sunscreen. Some people may even invest in a few visits to a tanning salon. Besides skin cancer, exposure to light rays from both the sun and tanning beds or lamps can cause skin aging. If you already have skin damage it is recommended you see a dermatologist. You should always use sunscreen over 30 SPF. Try to avoid too much sun exposure at peak time: 10 A.M. to 4 P.M.

Poor dental hygiene – Not brushing and flossing leads to gum disease, cavities, inflammation, gum recession, and eventually tooth loss.  Ignoring the bacteria in your mouth will let them spread and cause problems. Even if it seems it is too late you can still stop further damage. First of all, get a new toothbrush (any old toothbrush is probably filled with bacteria, or the bristles may be damaged, so start fresh). Brush after breakfast, and after dinner. Make an appointment with the dentist as only a professional will be able to remove the tartar buildup that brushing and flossing will not remove.

Junk food – Everyone loves a treat once in a while, but when it becomes a daily splurge it is dangerous to your health. First, look at the body mass index and see if you are at a healthy weight. Next, check your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Make a list of your usual snacks, and then a list of the healthy alternatives. For example, rather than a bag of chips has an apple and cheese slices. Try to add more physical activity into your daily routine.

Unprotected sex – Having multiple sexual partners and not using protection puts you and your partner at many risks. HIV and other STI’s are just a few of the risks of unprotected sex. It is recommended adults get tested for HIV once in their lives. There are free tests available at clinics and community organizations. A blood test is also recommended to check for Hepatitis B, and genital rash or sores.

Heavy drinking – Risky drinking is more than four drinks a day for men, three a day for women. Having more than recommended even just 12 times a year can significantly increase your risk of alcohol disorders, alcohol abuse, and alcohol dependence. Thankfully, if you drink excessively in your twenties you are at less of a risk of any alcohol disorders. If you used alcohol when you were stressed you may find yoga helpful rather than relying on alcohol. Stay attentive: know how much you are drinking and why.

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