How to Calm Down

July 2, 2009 | by DoctorSolve

If you’re like most people on this Earth you probably get pretty worked up occasionally. Whether this is because of anger or from nervousness doesn’t really matter, what matters is how to calm down when you are in a frenzied state.
Start off by the most obvious (though at the time nothing may seem obvious) choice, take a deep breath. By breathing you provide more oxygen to your body and release physical tension. Plus taking breathing you can pretty much do anywhere, unless you’re underwater somewhere. Also, try breathing through your nose. Studies have shown many benefits from breathing through your nose, while mouth breathing has shown many negatives. Either way make sure you breathe, cause you know without oxygen you kind of die.
Exercise works great to help you calm yourself down, so why no take a walk if you’re feeling angry, nervous or anything else in between. By taking a walk you let your body calm down by releasing endorphins and allow yourself to remove the current situation. You then give yourself some time to think about what is happening, not to mention you’re getting exercise too!
Take a minute to really look at the current situation. Look at what made you feel the way you do, and why it did. Then try to assess the different view points. If there is another person involved then try to see their point of view. If you are having a hard time with this find a friend you can count on. Tell your friend all the details of what is going on, and then get your friend to give you some feedback. Tell him/her to be completely honest with you.
I hope these few steps help you the next time you need to just calm down and relax. If there are any other ways to calm down that you think are more effective feel free to leave a comment.


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